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South Korea Presentation

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Kevin Wang

on 11 May 2013

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Transcript of South Korea Presentation

South Korea N Seoul Tower South Korea Welcome to South Korea. Today we will be showing you around. South Korea has a large of population of about 49 million. South Korea's capital is Seoul.South Korea produces many electronics and has many minerals found there too that help the economy. One of South Korea's greatest attraction is the N Seoul Tower, which looks very similar to what we call the CN Tower. Location South Korea is located on the eastern side of Asia. On the map, South Korea has China on it's west and Japan on it's east, and North Korea above it.The geographic co-ordinates are 3 700 N and 12 730 E. Physical Characteristics South
Korea South Korea is ranked 109Th for largest
area. It is 97 000 square kilometers in land
and 2 800 square kilometers in water. The total area is 100 000 square kilometers. There is mainly mountains and hills in South Korea. The Sobaek and T'aebaek Mountains are 2 of the famous mountains found in South Korea. The Han Kum River flows through the Southwestern Plains. The Nak Tong River is 523km long from
central mountains to South Plain. The 3 main land regions in South Korea are The Central
Mountains,The Southern Plain and The
Southwestern Plain.South Korea's highest
Mountain is Halla-San it is 1950m high
and is found on Cheju Island which
is hot and humid. Population Culture Climate Conclusion BIBLIOGRAPHY South Korea is a temperate country. They have heavier rain fall in the summer than the winter. The winters are long, dry and cold. Summers are short, hot and humid. South Korea has about 39 cm of rain, 50-150cm of snow yearly. In the summer the temperature is usually 22.5 to 25 degrees Celsius, in the winter the temperature is -5 to -2.5 degrees. Economy South Korea is ranked 13Th in the world for the amount of cash they have. South Korea has 1.611 trillion dollars(US Dollars). Some of South Korea's main products are. Coal, gold, tungsten, talc, and iron ore for minerals. South Korea is one of the competing for electronics and fishing. Their electronics and fish are a huge export product. South Korea's economy is 75% industrial production and 14% agriculture. Some of South Korea's other main products are clothing, shoes, and textiles. IRON ORE TALC COAL GOLD TUNGSTEN South Korea's official languages are Korean and
English.Their national anthem is called Aegukga. To show love Koreans put locks on the N Seoul Tower.The most common food eaten in South Korea is rice(often eaten with kimchi).Kimchi is a spicy pickled dish made with cabbage,onions and other vegetables.Tea is the traditional drink in South Korea.South Korea's national symbol is Ying and Yang ,males are believed to have yang and females are believed to have Ying. We hope you enjoyed our tour around South
Korea. The N Seoul Tower is such a great attraction.The Tungsten,Talc,Iron Ore,Coal and Gold help South Korea earn much money for their economy. The amount of rainfall in South Korea is very high, which is good for growing crops. South Korea produces many electronics such as computers, TV's, cameras and tablets. South Korea has a population of about 49 million people. The population in the major cities are. Seoul (Capital) 10 million ; Busan 3.5 million ; Incheon 2.5 million ; Daejon 1.5 million. The genders are equal to about 50%(male) and 50%(female). Information shows that for about every 8.4 births, there are 6.4 deaths. The median age for the people in South Korea is about 40-44 years. Books:
Italia,Bob.South Korea.Minnesota:ABDO,2003 Italia Bob

Cavendish,Marshall.Cultures of the World Korea.New York,NY:Marshall Cavendish Corporation Websites:




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