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WWII 1939-1945

No description

Miriam Tyson

on 12 March 2014

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Transcript of WWII 1939-1945

D-Day: The Invasion of Normandy (June 1944)
"D-Day" was the name of the secret mission for the Allied Powers to defeat Germany and the other Axis Powers.
How did it start?
Japan formed alliances with Germany....they became buds....which wasn't a good thing.
Japan attacked and bombed Pearl Harbor (a naval base in Hawaii). This made the U.S. enter into WWII.
Your Assignments:
The Holocaust: CRCT pg. 169 (#435-438)

WWI Fact Worksheet

Finish WWI Projects

You da bomb dot com. Just sayin.
WWII 1939-1945 (20 years after WWI)
Germany invaded Poland to try and take over land and military power.
It was the "longest day in history"
D-Day was the longest and largest water to land battle.
The Allied Powers surrounded Germany on all sides to defeat Germany.
The Atomic Bomb dropping on Hiroshima, Japan
Hitler wanted the Germans to rule the world. He said they were the "master race".
Germany and Italy signed a friendship treaty with Russia.
Hitler tried to take over the world by....
1.) Battling Britain for a year: Failed

2.) Broke the treaty with Russia and tried to conquer Russia: Failed-Russia made allies with Britain

3) The name "Central Powers changed to "Axis Powers" because many countries, mostly Germany changed alliances.
The U.S. end WWII by....
WWII From Outer Space
JAPAN attacks Pearl Harbor!!!
After D-Day...
Germany surrendered but Japan did NOT.
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