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Seawood Lake

No description

Ryan Mortonson

on 14 March 2013

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Transcript of Seawood Lake

The 14th colony Seawood Lake By Ryan Mortonson The green line outlines the colony of seawood lake But lets look at its true size My colony is located on the east side on the upper third of Quebec. The reason my colony is called seawood lake is because the name describes it.
My colony is between sea, wood, and lake The government This is where the government buildings will be placed because it is surrounded by water and will be protected against attack. My colony will have a representative government that makes rules and the leaders will be voted for by male landowners. The people who can run is any (man) with an education. The way that laws will be made is this. The representatives will meet in the governing meeting house to make laws but the king will have veto power . This is what it will look like Wall around island only entrance/exit for security purposes Meeting hall representatives barracks personal fields (for garden area, exercise, etc) personal lake for fishing and water sports The reason I picked this spot is because it has lots of lakes, it is very close to England, and it has lots of wood. We will get our water from our 100s of thousands of lake and we will get to England along this route. My colony:
Looks My towns will all have gridded streets. We will have a reinforced common house in the middle of each town for meetings but also in the event of attack. Also, too prevent attack we will have a militia at ready. Finally the big businesses and ships will be on the water. To inform your majesty of what is going on, we will send a letter along with a member of the government with a trade ship to England every two weeks so England will know what is up with us We must have good business for our colony to survive. I will sign a treace peaty with the indians. Our businesses will include making maple sugar, keeping cows (therefore we will have beef and dairy products), timber, we'll harvest grains (for breads and alcohols), tobacco will be grown, and we will have deer pelting. Everything will be payed for with money and there will not be slavery Society For recreation we will have swimming, fishing, hunting and obviously much more. There will be religious freedom and free education for everyone. Punishments will include going to jail and public humiliation but you will not be physically hurt. Also, My plan for fertilizing food is that the farmers will have a big supply of composted soil. We will grow grains and raise cows. The farmers will be payed by their customers who buy their food. port wooding industry government buildings Most major towns will be located here farmland And finally to cover the things that I haven't yet mentioned, there will be equality which means everyone will be equal. I will also allow indentured servants which will work like this; people who want to apply will come to the governing island where they will be matched with a caretaker. Then he/she will work for 10 years in return for food shelter and medical care. At the end of the 10 years the servant will receive a 1 to 3 year education on the occupation of his/her choice. He/she will then receive at least 1/2 of an acre of land(unless that individual chooses to be a farmer in which they will receive 6 acres of land), a brand new house built for them, and depending on his/her job choice enough tools/supplies to last 2 years. Signed,
Mortonson 1674
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