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Predicate Nominatives

No description

mantequila 12345

on 26 March 2013

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Transcript of Predicate Nominatives

Subject Complements Predicate Nominatives Linking Verbs Predicate Nominatives And Other Information Predicates -consists of a verb and all the words that describe the verb and complete its meaning
-ex: Corey's sister delivers pizza.
"Delivers pizza" is the predicate in the sentence. -word/word group that's in the predicate and identifies the subject or refers to it
-does not appear in prepositional phrases. Predicate nominatives may be compound.

-ex: Penelope became a doctor
(The noun "doctor" identifies "Penelope," the subject.

-ex: Kevin became a cheerleader.
(The noun "cheerleader identifies "Kevin," the subject.) -connects subject to word/word group, identifies/describes subject
-noun/pronoun/adjective that is connected to subject by a linking verb completes the meaning of the verb
-ex: He is an author.
"Is" is the linking verb because it connects "he" to "author"

The watermelon looks ripe.
"Looks" is the linking verb because it connects "watermelon" to "ripe" -word/word group that completes meaning of a linking verb and identifies or describes the subject
-2 kinds of subject complements: predicate nominatives + predicate adjectives
-ex: She is an experienced diver.
"Diver" is the subject complement because the linking verb "is" connects the subject "she" to "diver"

The lemonade tastes sour.
"Sour" is the subject complement because the linking verb "tastes" connects the subject "lemonade" to "sour" ~The End~
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