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Unit One Test Review

No description

Tasia Cox

on 24 August 2016

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Transcript of Unit One Test Review

Where is the center of Jewish culture and religion?
The Torah
The holy book of Judaism is called.....

__________ is a political unit made up of a city and the surrounding area
To protect the kingdom from invasion
What was the reason feudalism was set up in England?
1) King
2) Lords
3) Knights
4) Serfs
Name the four groups on the feudal pyramid in order of rank (most powerful to least powerful)
The Greeks!
Who do we trace our ancient roots of democracy to?
Unit One Test Review
What is a representative democracy?
a representative democracy is when the people elect a governing body to make decisions for the country
_____________ taught _________ who __________ learned from.
Socrates taught Plato who Aristotle learned from.
_______________ is the holy book of Islam.
The Koran
What did William the Conquer do when he took over England?
He got rid of feudalism
What was the biggest thing that came out of Common Law?
Integrating a 'jury' into the justice system
The Greco-Roman philosophers believed the individual had dignity and value because of __________________.
Ability to Reason
Known as 'The Great Charter', this document listed the king's feudal rights in order to protect his privileges....
The Magna Carta
What was the 'Great Council'?
A group of decision makers made of the Lords and Clergy that eventually became parliament.
Monotheism is.....
practicing a religion that believes in only one god.
What are the three monotheistic religions?
Judaism, Christianity, and Islam
Who was Oliver Cromwell?
Skilled General of the English Civil War who led parliament to victory.
What is 'habeus corpus'?
No person can be held in prison without being charged with a crime.
What is an Absolute Monarch?
A ruler with complete authority over the people.
What were The Crusades unsuccessful at doing?
Converting Muslims back to Christianity OR spreading Christianity.
Judeo-Christian and Greco-Roman thought both expressed:
The worth of the individual
What is the name of the Jewish people that God established a covenant with?
The Isrealites
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