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Social Media


Diane Lazaroo

on 11 May 2011

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Transcript of Social Media

Social Media What is it exactly??

This concept can be understood best by breaking it down into components:

Media is an instrument of communication (disseminates ideas, information, text, images, videos etc)
Social media is an instrument of communication which disseminates information whilst being interactive
It is a form of media filled with UGC- User Generated Content.

Just think of your Facebook daily (hourly?) status updates, or the
pictures you post to your Flickr account, of the video you uploaded
of your dog/cat/baby/car to Youtube, or the post you wrote on you blog
about how much you love the subject MKF3461

These were all produced by the consumer, user ie YOU. Not by an official
media source such as a marketing firm or advertiser Implications for Business Organisations Social Networks are redefining and reshaping how organisations conduct business
changed how consumers relate to the brand
changed how organisations communicate with consumers Case Studies: Organisations that have launched successful
Social Media Marketing Campaigns Case Study #1: The Ford Fiesta Movement
"The Ford Fiesta has come to play on the American roads. In the ultimate foreign exchange program, our 100 agents will spend 6 months behind the wheel of their own Fiesta, lifestreaming their experiences, and completing monthly missions to show you what the Fiesta is all about." The Deal --> Before the launch of it's new Fiesta model in early 2009,
Ford launched this campaign, which was essentially a competition
to become one of 100 Ford Fiesta Brand Agents.

Competitors had to upload creative Youtube videos specifying why they should be chosen. (audition tape)

After the 100 Brand Agents were picked, these agents were responsible for promoting the Ford Fiesta
through social media sites such as Facebook,Youtube, Twitter etc without spending anything on
traditional media.

Agents selected were geographically and occupationally diverse, however all of them were actively
involved in social media and were not afraid to speak their mind.

Ford Fiesta agents would have to go on various 'Missions' and upload their adventures to the Ford
website and also to their individual websites.

Basically, they had to promote and create as much hype/buzz about the new car as possible, and
they had to do it in a creative and non-traditional way. Campaign was an extreme sucess for Ford as:
of the 3 large Automakers they survived the recession the best
generated a lot of buzz in the media about the campaign and the new car
4000 applicants
300 Facebook fans (as of April 2009)
4.3 million YouTube views thus far
500,000+ Flickr views
3 million+ Twitter impression
50,000 interested potential customers, 97% of which don’t own a Ford currently.

So successful that there is now a Ford Fiesta Movement 2 campaign underway The campaign allowed Ford to reach it's target market of
young individuals, specifically the Millenials. This group represents consumers born between 1979 & 1995 who comprise a total of 70million drivers. These consumers use social media daily (77% use Facebook/MySpace daily whilst 28% have a personal blog)

By using social media, Ford was able to appeal to their target market by aligning itself with cool, hip
carefree & tech-savvy young agents.
Case study #2: Burger King's Whopper sacrifice Despite only running for a grand total of 7 days,
this social media marketing campaign by Burger King
was and is considered a great viral success.

It won numerous advertising/marketing/media awards

The Deal--> In order to assess brand loyalty, Burger King
developed this humorous campaign whereby any person
willing to delete 10 friends off their facebook page would
automatically be given a free Whopper.

This ingenious campaign got users to publicly pledge alligience to the brand. The ultimate message was
"The Whopper is so great that people would go to
great lengths in order to score a free one" 233,906 friendships were sacrificed at the end of the 7 day campaign

Facebook put an end to the campaign citing privacy issues and also
the fact that the sacrifice of friendships went against its core values
of connecting people

Facebook's ban of the campaign only served to make it more popular, however. Overnight, thousands of UGC (user generated
content) posts had appeared in various social networking sites.

The campaign, despite being short lived, is still considered one of
the best viral successes as it got people talking about Burger King
and the Whopper

The Whopper Sacrifice campaign also proceeded to win various awards such as first place for Web Applications & ADC Hybrid Media Award at the Art Directors Annual Awards 2009. The videos posted by the agents detailed them on roadtrips,
adventures and doing a whole range of generally fun stuff. The Ford Fiesta wasn't talked about TOO much, as it would be in traditional advertising, it was always there in the background which made the videos seem more appealing as they didnt seem too commercialized or pushy.

Other missions included getting a fashion makeover, creating the most creative Youtube video featuing only puppies, re-creating your favorite film in a scene, dance-offs etc. All of these had to be either filmed and uploaded, tweeted or blogged about. All the missions were completed whilst driving the Ford Fiesta with the agent providing ongoing feedback about the performance of the vehicle.

In this video, one of the Agents, Jonathan 360 (who has his own channel on Youtube) got be passenger in a Ford Fiesta driven by professional driver Ken Block at the Gymkhana Ford Festival People even deleted family members off facebook, all for the sake of a free Whopper!

In this video, a guy deletes his poor nephew. Traditional forms of media are based on a one way flow of ideas and communication.
Message goes from Producer Source

Social Media, on the other hand is INTERACTIVE, thus facilitating a 2-way flow of information.
Message goes from Producer Source Social media offers various benefits:
speed & convenience
marketers can target customers more effectively
consumers can search for information more effectively However, as with any type of media, there are downsides to social media:
privacy issues
difficult for an organisation to control what is said about them
defamation, libel, slander--- freedom of speech?
cannot be the only IMC tool used, but must be used in conjunction with other types of media Reference:

Belch,et.al. (2009). "Advertising And Promotion, An IMC Perspective". McGraw-Hill: Australia
http://mashable.com/2009/01/09/whopper-sacrifice/ By Diane Lazaroo
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