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Introduction to iOS App Development

No description

James Jennings

on 19 September 2013

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Transcript of Introduction to iOS App Development

Introduction to iOS App Development
The iOS Ecosystem
iOS Development Tools
More Info
iOS Adoption
As of June 2013:
600 Million iOS devices
93% of those devices running iOS 6
What is an App?
An app binary
A set of resources (images, etc)
Packaged as a .app (wrapped in a .ipa)
Code signed (by Apple and/or us)
Technical Considerations
Limited hardware, particularly:
Inconsistent networking conditions
A smaller, touch-based interface
A more intimate context
Alternatives to Native Development
Web apps
Web apps in a wrapper
Flash (hahaha)
The IDE for working with iOS.

Includes tools for building interfaces and designing a data model.

Also manages the uploading of applications to Apple for review and publishing.
Used for debugging iOS applications during development.

Is a simulator, as opposed to an emulator.

Doesn't replace testing on a device.
iOS Simulator
Profiles running applications (in the simulator or on a device) on a number of configurable metrics.

Can also be used to execute automated UI tests (and measure results).
Command Line Tools
Allows for the scripting/automation of most tasks that would otherwise require Xcode.

Uses shims to provide a level of indirection (allowing for multiple SDKs to be installed side-by-side)
iOS Developer Portal/
iTunes Connect
Web-based interfaces for managing your apps and your developer account with Apple.
Device Provisioning
App Creation/Management
Sales Reporting
Developer Forums/Documentation
The Family Tree
Lets just look at some code.
Stanford iOS Course CS 193p
Ray Wenderlich Tutorials
iOS Dev Center
Common Design Patterns in Objective-C
Chain of Responsibility

Antipattern: Singleton
Antipattern: Factory Method/Abstract Factory
SD iOS Meetup
As of 30 minutes ago
38% of these devices running iOS 7
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