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Native Americans

No description

Miguel Flores

on 29 August 2013

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Transcript of Native Americans

Native Americans
By: Miguel F., Alfonso C., Luis C.
Natives prayed and fasted before hunting or gathering plants for food.
Rituals and ceremonies were performed to ensure the well being of the community and continuity of life. They believed in force in nature and spirits above humans. They Prayed to spirits for enough rain to harvest their crops.
What did they look like?
Native Americans lived in wigwams
Slept on dirt floors covered with hides
lived in the great plains
Religion had a huge impact on their daily lives, they also looked for positive influences in the forces of nature like crops, animals, and weather to help the group thrive.
The natives wore a breechcloth or leggings depending on the weather.
Chiefs wore the long feather hat.
Created from animal skin
Everyday life
Men hunted and, fished
Women farmed
lived with extended family
Kids played
Political, Historical, and social movements
Democratic Government Structure
Leaders went to the wise and, experienced
The trail of tears
Indian Removal act
The Natives existed in the last ice age

Native Americans entertained them self's with the famous sport they invented called lacrosse or what other tribes use to call it stick ball, bump hips, kabucha, and little brothers of war
they also made different games like then hand game, ring-the-stick game, and the bowl game, music and dance were other ways they were entertained but it was also part of their culture and every day life events.
American Dream
Groups Decisions
The most important goals for native americans were their quests for equal rights to keep their land, then abolish indian removal act, and prevent the british from moving them back to reservations.
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