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Mary J

on 3 January 2017

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Transcript of Gymnastics

There are 4 main events for
Woman's Gymnastics
Floor is performed by both men and woman
The event performed on floor is called a floor exercise or routine.
Most floors are spring floors. They contain springs or a combination of a rubber foam and plywood to make the floor bouncy, and allow the gymnast to gain height.
It wasn't until 1948 that woman were allowed to compete on floor
Floor exercises last up to 90 seconds for women, and 70 seconds for men. Woman perform with music, and men without music.
There are two types of bars used in competition.
Uneven bars which are used by girls, and parallel which are used by guys.
If a gymnast falls from the bar,
she has 30 seconds to get back on
and continue the routine
Judges score the routines based on difficulty, form, structure, and technique. Points are removed for many different mistakes like poor form, falls, pauses, step taking on the dismount , and more.
The gymnast does a round off into a back handspring onto the springboard, puts their hands onto the vault then does the tricks they have chose.
Stepping, falling, or not landing inside the set landing zone on the Dismounts will cause deductions.
A beam routine must consist of a full turn, two acrobatic skills, a connection of two dance elements, acrobatic elements in different directions, and a dismount!
The maximum amount
of time allowed for the
routine is 90 seconds.
When competing the gymnast
may perform barefoot or wear
special beam shoes.
Thanks For Watching!
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