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Gabrielle's Prezumé

An innovative and visual way of doing a resume

Gabrielle Austerberry

on 8 May 2017

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Transcript of Gabrielle's Prezumé

The Professional Life of
Gabrielle Austerberry
I'm a highly skilled and passionate employee with 20+ years
of experience & learning in all types and ages of learning and teaching environments,
notably with re-engaging disengaged students and with gifted students
Brisbane, qld
Erasmus University, Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Gabrielle likes
Lives healthy, well and cheap:
Name of Reference #1
Special Training:
In a share house with husband and 3 others
1983-89: Equivalent of Masters degree with honours in Social Science. Study of Societies (High Dist. Av.) My special areas are the differences, in this century, between the USA, USSR and China & Mass-communication. My thesis was on film and the methods used to historically analyse film using Vietnam films and the Vietnam debate as a case study.
1992: Graduate Diploma Secondary School,
Social Science, History, Film & TV
2001: Learning Support Post Graduate diploma
Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane
Many varied Certificates, courses and in-services
2013 Global Education on Online learning, Bio mimicry course
2012 Variety of in-service: Brain Science, Web 2.0 variety, graphics,
Climate change issues, CPR, Emergency response, non-violent crisis intervention, Understanding poverty, Science & 21st Century topics, various trauma, ADHD & adolescence issues, various Qcar, Acara & ACSF trainings and discussions
.2006 Practical science, Behaviour management x 3, Literate -Futures,
Un-cluttering the Curriculum, Boys, Philosophy, ASD, SLI, 1998: Band-scales ESL, 2-way teaching for speakers of Aboriginal English, First Steps, Feliks on teaching Aboriginal speakers English, Gifted & Talented and Spec. Ed ascertainment, Learning Support Appraisement
1999 NLP Masters diploma (Neuro Linguistic programming) How to build rapport
with different people., Austr. Institute of NLP,
1997 How to counsel kids. Kids Help Line Counselling course
1995: Neuro Linguistics Practitioner (NLP) Diploma at Mindmatters, (in Brisbane,
represents INLPTA, USA). This is recognized training for trainers and counsellors. It has a strong counselling aspect in which reframing of language and recognition of different models of the world is most important.
Work Experience
Feb 2006 - March 2013
Leading Teacher
Besides being the everything ET6 teacher of 15 disengaged students, I introduced the use of IT in teaching & learning, developed a way to spark students interest and go beyond what they thought themselves capable of. Learned to guide towards giftedness. I lectured on Motivate the disengaged
June 2000 - February 2006
Support teacher
Feb 1998 - June 2000
In this 100% Aboriginal, remote ‘at-risk’ community school, I worked in a primary/ special ed. program with an all girls teenager class in a team teaching situation with Aboriginal teachers. I worked out a program, choose the resources and implemented it. We all taught every subject, particularly Math, English, Science, Social Science, Home Ec and Art. You have to really respect the students to get any results. I team-taught with an Indigenous teacher and we presented together at a National Conference.
Mirella Oliver, Brainways Education
0433 99 50 67
brainways.edu@gmail.com, www.brainways.com.au
Name of Reference #2
Principal Tim Young
(m) 0417 795 906 (o) 34471020
Name of Reference #3
Jean Smith, Springfield Central SHS
Head of Technology Department/WHS Officer
Phone 07 3470 6243
My own presentations & papers at various places
2013: Brainways variety. CWA Parent conference: The Future of Education
2012 Brainways: Games through the ages, Metaphysics, Biomimicry.
Cath Ed: present Math for Trades, the use of a research grant.
2011 FLCN: Middle school curriculum in the 21st Century
Brainways: Philosophy, Environmental Issues, Ecovillage design, life & living.
CWA, 1 for teachers, 1 for parents Pitfalls and Joys of giftedness
2010 CWA G & T conference: What do you have to lose? For adolescents & parents
Brainways: Ecosystems in your school, Eco village design, Games through the ages
FLCN Boonah: Framework for poverty, Science applied to the FLC’s.
University of Queensland guest lecture for psychologists: Motivate the disengaged
2009 Brainways gifted workshops on Life & living, Eco village design, the Future
2008 QAGTC Kids Conference on Ecovillage design, Life & living and Bushfood
For FLCN’s: Towards an FLC pedagogy, Middle school
For Edgework: Measuring engagement & Emotional Intelligence

2007 QAGTC Gifted Kids conference on evolution
2006 Bremer Tafe on Diversity of learners for their teachers
2 week in-service to TSI teachers Kubin, Moa Island
G& T conference on best practise of G & T
2005 QAGTC G & T conference on Catering for all learners with intrigue, Brisbane
Second International Pedagogy Conference, Toowoomba on using the best of all pedagogies as a normal teacher in the average classroom and survive well
2000 Aboriginal & White learning styles at Australian Indigenous Conference, Perth
1995 Cooperative Learning, on parent- teacher cooperation, International conference
1991 La Trobe University, Ina Bertrand: 1 week guest lecturing on film as source
1989 “Film as a historical source”, International Film & History conference papers
As a presenter
Where ever my curiosity goes, I go.
I master a new skills per year and
usually end up teaching it to others
research, ted's, quilting, scrabble, green activities
ear rings, water colour, films, banter, games, 500
designing good tasks, cooking, sparkly people
The Netherlands: 1978-1990
1990:History teaching job at The Hague Montessori High school.
1988-89: Coordinator International History and Film conference and workshops and magazine, Rotterdam. Duties included development of theme, editing of publications and organising the conference. I formulated a new method that combined several schools of thought in the History/film field. Achievements: 1. I won acclaim from academics and professionals for presenting and practicing this simple method. 2. The conference and publications were of a high quality and very satisfactory received.
1982-84: Personal assistant to the Principal of a Teachers College in The Hague. Areas of responsibility included library, finances, office, catering and administration. 1981: Clerk in a bank.
1978-1980: Variety of temporary work while finishing school e.g. cleaning mouse cages, photo-lab, administrative work, restaurants.
Subjects taught: Sose, English, Math, Science, Home Ec
to grade 3-12, low literacy to gifted. ESL, A&TSI, ASD, SLI.
Parent workshops on motor skills, Brain, learning & nutrition
Several innovative & special projects. Capricornia & Logan areas.
Australia 1990-1997
1997 Several experiences as contract-relief teacher in Ipswich Special Education schools.
1997 Training Aboriginal adults in ‘job readiness’ courses for Centrelink. I worked as a ‘side-kick’ for Flo Watson from Jinnadarran Training Services, an Aboriginal woman who regularly conducts training for Government agencies.
1994–97: Self employed as casual lecturer for Ithaca Tafe, Red Hill-Paddington Community Center, International Cooperative Conference, various schools, community groups (parents) and conferences. Topics included ‘Enhance your learning’, Innovative ideas in Education’, ‘Learning difficulties and what you can do’, ‘Bullying’ and more.
1994-97: Planning, researching, writing and liaising for The Prepared Mind, a quality magazine on innovative ideas in education for parents and teachers, Editor: Renee Hills. We also organized and marketed workshops and lectures for a variety of speakers (including Eric Frankenheimer and Tony Ryan) in education and the field of learning difficulties and learned much from it.
1994-96: Private tutoring of people with Learning Difficulties
1991-1993 Migrated + stay home with young children + assist in running a business with my then husband + get Australian teaching degree. Car accident & divorce
Classroom 2.0

Gifted forum

Community Doors

Ecodigs Youth gas

Generation One

History Teachers

Brisbane Transition Town

Brisbane Local Food
2.0 Tools use
Fluent on Windows & Apple
Website creation
Visual & Cad programs
Character traits
Passionate, flexible, quick, thinker, doer, enthusiastic, creative, analytical, reliable, humorous, overview finder, self-starter, notice much, intuitive, logical,
Talks and lessons on Prezi:
As a consultant I regularly work for Brainways, teaching a wide variety of workshops for Gifted students. See my own presentations for details + 2013: Higher Order Thinkings Skills, Two way History, Industrial Revolution, explorers, Edible Science, Future, Biomimicry incl. Elearning, Be Insipred, Ecovillage building and more.
2006 to Present
Teachers registration
2013: Visited fantastic low SES schools in the USA
Developing my own Sparkz program: Motivate and re-engage gifted disengaged
10 x 2 day workshops for gifted children, based around design, philosophy and higher order thinking skills, some via elearning. Variety of topics.
Week in- service for teachers in Flexible Learning Centre on use of science in cross curricula
5.5 week home economics contract in new EQ school.
6 week contract at Springfield Central SHS as Home Ec teacher

S1 & permanent
The latest:
In prezi.com, search Future of Education by gab aus
or Industrial revolution: help or destroy us?
English, Dutch
German, French
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