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Technology Addiction

A Prezi about our ever growing dependence on those little gadgets

Sean Nicol

on 23 April 2013

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Transcript of Technology Addiction

Technology's Control on Us As technology has developed, we have become increasingly dependent on it for everyday activities.
5-7 Year Olds: Internet
8-10 Year Olds: Cell Phones
11-12 Year olds: Social Media Younger Access Internet Addiction Almost a quarter of internet users waste more than 3 hours on the internet a week. A greater percent of internet users are addicted in Japan and Mexico than in other countries. Although some countries are more dependent than others, internet addiction is still a growing global problem. It is only one of several problems that come from our dependence on technology. Consequences of Technology Addiction Psychological Addiction A University of Chicago study concluded Facebook can be more addicting that cigarettes and alcohol. Can worsen self-esteem issues and mental illness Physical aches and pains from long durations of inactivity It can lead to negative behaviors, such as illicit activity online and texting while driving. In some parts of the world many couldn't even charge their phones, let alone afford one. Meanwhile, a lot of us Americans couldn't function normally without wi-fi, let alone electricity! 183 billion texts are sent in the United States every month.
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