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Medieval Times

No description

Eddie Galay

on 14 December 2012

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Transcript of Medieval Times

Town Life The most exalted members of the town were merchants. Town Life If a serf escaped to a town for a year and one day he was considered free. Town Life If a thief was caught with stolen goods , he could be hanged. Town Life The merchants guild controlled the trade in their town. The Lord The lord's primary duty was to provide military service whenever the king needed it. The Lord Serfs payed their rent by working for their lord. The Lord Lords' and ladies' loved to hunt in their free time. The Lord The manor served as the center of a community and venue for feasts. Women The church taught women how to behave. Slides 12-15: Town Life Slides 16-19: The Lord Women Women were supposed to obey their fathers and husbands. Women Women had to feed and clothe their families. Women Young women wore their hair loose while married women kept their hair covered. Slides 20-23: Women Crime Lords dealt with minor crimes. Crime Justices dealt with major crimes. Crime Goals were dirty and crowded prisons. About the Author By: Eddie Galay Crime The sheriff's job was to round up criminals and keep them in gaols until their trial. Slides 24-27: Crime Eddie is a handsome young man who is twelve. He plays piano. His favorite color is blue. His favorite holiday is New Years and Christmas. He really likes barbequed chicken wings. Trade Peddlers were the earliest medieval merchants. They sold goods to towns and villages. Trade Clerks and scribes helped merchants with their paperwork. Trade Merchants marked their papers with wax seals. Trade Most medieval coins were made of gold. Slides 28-31: Trade The Knight The lord's words to the king when he swore fealty were "Sir, I have become your man." The Knight Most kings didn't keep a standing army because most kings didn't have enough money. The Knight Barons were most likely to threaten the king's power. The Knight Bishops became wealthy by collecting tithes and other taxes. Slides 32-35: The Knight Knights and Fights When a boy was 7 he was sent away to start training as a knight. Knights and Fights During his first stage of training the boy was called a page. Knights and Fights While the boy was a page he learned comportment, courtesy, cleanliness, and religion. Knights and Fights After 7 years of being a page, the page becomes a squire. Slides 36-39: Knights and Fights Entertainment A serf could participate in 7 types of entertainment:church festivals, marriages, funerals, listening to traveling poets, watch acrobats, listen to musicians, or watch performing bears or dancing monkeys. Entertainment On Christmas, groups of villagers would dress up as mummers and visit their lord's home. They would sing and perform sketches inn return for food or money. Entertainment On May Day, young men and women would get up early in the morning and play games in the sun before gathering green branches to decorate their houses. Entertainment On Midsummer, the villagers would light bonfires and hold various sports and games. People thought that by lighting a fire when the sun was at its strongest, that would make sure it returned to their crops the following year. Slides 40-43: Entertainment Thank You For Your Time References
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