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Protestant Reformation

No description

Kevin Donohue

on 19 February 2013

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Transcript of Protestant Reformation

The Catholic Church breaks up The Reformation Background - Printing Press, humanism, wealth => power grows for all of society
- Pope, Bishops => very involved in politics
- Church => no taxes, very rich
- Indulgences => time off purgatory, being sold Martin Luther - Augustinian monk, Doctor of the Bible
- Oct 31, 1517 - nails 95 Theses to Church door
- Pope Leo X excommunicates him
- Holy Roman Emperor exiles him
- Princes support Luther against Emperor
- Protestants formed - because they protest the Church Other Reformers - Luther sets off other reforms across Europe
- William Tyndale - England - translate Bible into English; executed
- John Calvin - Switzerland - Predestination, state laws should be religious
- King Henry VIII - England - Sought new divorce, denied; forms Anglican Church
*Anti-Catholic movements take political tone Luther's Theology - Direct relationship (no Holy Orders)
- Importance of Bible
- Bible in vernacular (common language)
- Church as apolitical
- No Eucharist, Reconciliation, Confirmation Homework: P 575 #1a, 1b; P 580 #13a, 13b
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