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on 25 August 2013

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Transcript of True

Introducing the Big Question
Is the Truth the same for everyone?
People search for truth in different ways:

Scientists use
scientific mysteries and uncover truths about the natural world. They use experimental results as
contradict theories

Reporters research all sides of a story to capture an
truth - a truth that does not reflect a one-sided

Poets, essayists, and short story writers pursue a different kind of truth. They search for insights that will inspire a reader to say, "I never thought of it that way before!" or simply, "How true!"
The Truth Defined
the true or actual state of a matter

conformity with fact or reality; verity

a verified or indisputable fact, proposition, principle, or the like

the state or character of being true

actuality or actual existence
Tell What You Know
Think about other situations you have experienced or heard about in which it was difficult to determine the truth. Lets consider the following:

conflicting accounts about who caused an accident or a fight

stories, books, or movies that blend fantasy with reality

crime dramas in which lawyers try to persuade a jury

a reporter who covers a controversial topic

a scientist who investigates the outbreak of a deadly disease

a singer who writes a breakup song
Write What Think
Based on the discussion, decide what you think right now. Choose one of the following responses to the Big Question or develop one of your own:

Truth is the same for everyone.

What is true for one person may not be true for another

Your answer may change as you read the selections about other issues that make people disagree in this unit.
Explain What You Know
Use the examples and ideas discussed to help you complete the following sentences about finding the truth:

People's account of the same event may differ because...

You can find out the truth about someone by...

Knowing the truth about a controversial person or issue is difficult because...
Otherwise Known As...

The Truth
The truth means honesty.
The truth follows facts.
The truth shows reality.
The truth is in you acts.

The truth has a way of coming out.
The truth is the word of the day.
It's just and fair, there's no doubt.
The truth will win - it finds a way.
Your Turn
Work in small groups to create a new line to add to the unit chant.
The player and umpire saw the same play, yet their beliefs about it are very different. Who is right? Are they both right? What is causing them to disagree?
You Be the Judge
On Your Own
Recall a time when you and a friend disagreed about music or a movie. Why did you disagree? Was one of you right, or were you both "right"? Explain.
Big Question Video
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