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Unbroken Part II Chapters 6-11

No description

on 27 February 2014

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Transcript of Unbroken Part II Chapters 6-11

Unbroken Part II Chapters 6-11

Historical Events
Louis Zamperini-
After quickly becoming famous in his hometown Torrance, California, Louis competed in the 1936 Berlin Olympics as a teenager. When WWII began he stopped his paused his running career to become an Army Air Corps Bombardier. Unfortunately, Louis's bomber had crashed in the pacific.

Pete Zamperini-
Pete was not only Louis's brother, but his motivator. Pete pushed his brother to pursue running because he saw the raw talent in him. When Louis's plane crashed, he held his family together with strength and hope.

Lt. Russel Allen Phillips
-A quiet, gentle-tempered Indianan who was Louis's pilot, roomate, and best friend. When the crew's bomber crashed in the Pacific, Phillips survived, joining Pete Zamperini and one other crewman in a small raft.

Sgt. Francis McNamara
- the third man to survive the May, 1943 plane crash that killed most of his crew and left him stranded on a raft with Phillips and Zamperini.
Plot Summary
Literary Review
video links
Extreme training that Louis and the crew went through, learning the machinery
Super Man
losing its engines, being thrown around in storms, and then the third engine breaking
Attacking the Zeroes
Japanese bomber planes attacking Super Man; the plan loses fuel, the repaired engines breaking, half the crew injured. Survival was a concerning matter.
Interesting Quotes
-"A pilot once wrote that the first time he got into a B-24 cockpit, 'it was like sitting on the front porch and flying a house"

-"If a man didn't return, the others would open his footlocker, take out his liquor, and have a drink in his honor. In a war without funerals, it was the best they could do."

Air raid from Japanese
Green Hornet
Crashes after air inspection
To give background information on Super Man and Green Hornet crew members.
Set the scene for Part III
Death being a common theme for war novels. Louie and the rest of the crew constantly surrounding by it.
Hope and Luck
Super Man
was about to crash but manages to stay in the air to get the crew to safety.
When the
Green Hornet
crashes into the water. It is when Louie is so sure that this is where he dies that he manages to escape
-Pearl Harbor

-Rape of Nanking
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