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Garage Band-Dummies Guide

No description

Esther Morris Davies

on 16 September 2013

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Transcript of Garage Band-Dummies Guide

Dummies Guide
How to use Garage Band
By: Estefi & Andrea
What is Garage Band?
Garage band is a program only for Apple users. This program
can only be launched in devices like the iMac or the iPad.
This program is used to create music by recording or taking
samples. These samples are provided by apple, for users to
be able to create their own music and export it into mp3.
What are Samples?
A sample is a pre-recorded loop. It is a small
piece of music that people create for companies
like apple for the users of programs like garage
band to be able to create pieces of music or even
ringtones by putting toghether various samples.
What is MIDI?
MIDI is a software that makes one instrument
sound like others just by recording sound and
then changing it. MIDI stands for Musical Instrument
Digital Interface. For example, If you don't know how
to play the violin and you know how to play piano you
could convert the notes of the piano sound like violin
Cut,Copy and Paste
When we refer to cut you first have to select the piece of
music that you want to cut (1), then you have to go at the top
of the page and click edit and you wil see inside edit a button
that says cut. (2&3)
How to duplicate
Duplicating samples or recordings is quite simple. You just have
to select the track/s that you want to duplicate and press APPLE+D
and so the track will duplicate. If you want to have two tracks with the
same sample, you just have to select the sample, press ALT and drag it
down to the duplicated track.
When you come to copy you have two posibilities:
How to use MIDI
How to use samples
Estefi & Andre!!!
Apple + C
To convert a garage band file into an Mp3 file, you
have to scroll over to share and then click export song
to disk:
1) First you select your piece of music, and then you press in your keyboard:

Then you just have to paste it:
Once you have clicked on it, select Mp3 encorder, save it in your desktop and click export.
Apple + V
2) You have to select the music that you have choosen, go to edit (1), then you have to look for copy and click on it (2):
It will automatically appear on your desktop.
andreita lo bonita
la mas bonita
To use MIDI you have to follow
these steps:
To use samples you will have to click on a button in the
right hand side corner down:
Then a box like this will appear and you will have to choose
a sample
Once you have chosen the sample you want, drag it to an empty track.
How to loop and shorten a sample
If you want to loop a sample to make it repeat over and over again the same music you will
have to scroll over to the corner of the sample and drag it forwards.
And to shorten a sample you have to do the same but pushing the sample backwards.
Recording voice
Recording your voice is very simple. To record your voice you will have to make sure no one is making loud noises and that you are at a good distance from the microphone. To start recording you will just have to press the red round button, close to the play button as shown here:
When you want to finish recording your voice, you will just have to press the same button. When your recording is finished, you can change the sound of your voice by clicking where the following image indicates and choosing the one you prefer to apply to your recording.
You might as well like to loop your voice, cut certain parts or duplicate your recording (This is explained in other sections of this presentation).
A wav/wave is a sample that you can find in the
internet. If you want to find wavs, just click on this link: http://www.moviewavs.com/
Then save it to your desktop and grag it to an empty track on garage band.
You will be able to manipulate tis lample and duplicate it as much as you desire.
Now you are ready to use wavs!
To download a wave, you just have to right- click on it's link and press download linked file:
You will have to choose if you want movie wavs from TV shows or from movies.
1) You have to plug in the piano to your computer.
2) Then you have to press the red button at the bottom of the document and that lets you start recording:
3) You start to play some notes in the piano, and then you
click this little button:
Then this will appear:
Then you just have to choose any effects that you want to put in you piece of music and it would sound like this:
The End!!!
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