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Cell Compared to a Factory

No description

Jaia Monee

on 2 January 2014

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Transcript of Cell Compared to a Factory

Cell Compared to a Factory
CEO (nucleus)
Workers (ribosomes)
Builds the proteins. The workers in a factory would create whatever product that their company produces. Much like ribosomes in the cell makes proteins .
Contains the organelles the site of most cell activity. The organelles in a cell are all held inside cytoplasm. Like the people in a factory are kept inside the factory floor.
Shipping Department (Cell Membrane)
Decides what comes and leaves the cell. The cell membrane is in charge of regulating what enters and leaves the cell. Like the shipping department does with the products of the factory.
Assembly Line (ER)
Where ribosomes do their work. The assembly line is simply where the work is done in the factory. Like how the endoplasmic reticulum is space for the ribosomes to make proteins.
Factory Floor (Cytoplasm)
Controls all cell activity; determines what proteins will be made as a CEO would make all the decisions for the factory. The nucleus is the organelle that controls the cell's activity.
Power Plant (mitochondria)
Transforms one form of energy into another. Like in a factory the power plants "makes" the energy for the factory sort of. In the cell the mitochondria absolutely makes the energy for the cell.
Cleaning Crew (lysosomes)
Responsible for breaking down and absorbing materials taken in by the cell. Like cleaning crew after production is down they need to break down for example boxes, clean up trash, sweep ..etc. In the cell the lysosomes have to discard of any left over waste.
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