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Media forms revision

No description

Fergie Ferg

on 14 April 2016

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Transcript of Media forms revision

Advertising key terms
The purpose of an advert is to sell!

Techniques - celebrity endorsement (star theory), persuasive language, sex, intertextuality, shock tactics, humour, surrealism, synthetic personalisation, cross platform promotion, synergy

Terminology - Brand name, copy, logo, slogan, main image
When we are talking about "forms" in media, we are talking about different types of texts.

All forms have codes and conventions and media language for you to analyse.
12 marks

Start your paragraphs with clear topic sentences

Refer to specific examples

Explain your ideas

Use terminology/media theories

Write in PEE
Media language key terms
Mise en scene
Media language revision
When you are looking at media language, you are looking at everything you can see and hear in the text. This can be divided into:

Technical codes - lighting/camera shots/editing techniques/sound

Symbolic codes - colours/clothes/objects/settings

Linguistic codes - any writing on the text

The composition and arrangement - depth of field, juxtaposition
Example questions
How does the mise en scene contribute to the impact of the advert?
Media forms revision
Your media forms question will be about: media language, genre or narrative.
Remember - it is not enough to identify the media language. You must also ANALYSE.

All media has been encoded with meaning.

What is being SIGNIFIED by the media language?
Choose one printed advert and label the technical codes, symbolic codes and linguistic codes.
Go back to your advert and add some analysis.

Use the terms: Connotation and denotation.
How does the media language make the product seem appealing?
What media language techniques have been used to attract a potential audience?
Genre revision
Hybrid genre
Codes and conventions
Narrative revision
Toderov's narrative structure
Propp's character functions
Binary oppositions (Levi Strauss)
Enigma codes
Also look at the composition - how is the mise en scene arranged?
Identifying genre codes and conventions
News report
Music video
Example questions
How is the genre communicated in the text?
How do the producers use genre codes and conventions to attract an audience?
Does the text subvert or fulfill codes and conventions of the genre?
Benefits of genre
Audiences can identify them easily
They can attract fans
Audiences know what expect
Producers know what to include in them
Genre conventions can be subverted and challenged.
What techniques are used to communicate the narrative to the audience?
Binary oppositions
Enigma codes
Action codes
12 marks
Make sure you are answering the question!
Refer to specific examples from the text and use appropriate terminology.
Make sure you are explaining your examples and how they answer the question.
Apply any appropriate theory from across the key concepts: Media language/audience/ instituion/representation/genre/narrative.
Choose a trailer of your choice.
Representation theory and terminology revision
The male gaze (Lauta Mulvey)
Stereotypes (Tessa Perkins)
Goffman's gender theory
Hyperreality (Baudrillard)
Representation is how groups of people, places, things and ideas are presented to us by the media.
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