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Mind Mapping

No description

Ashish Paranjpe

on 14 December 2016

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Transcript of Mind Mapping

Practice Exercises for Mind Maps
Why Mind Maps?
by Ashish Paranjpe
Steps to make a mind map
Using Mind Maps at the work place
Mind Mapping
What is a Mind Map?
A Mind Map is a thinking tool that helps you depict what's in your mind

This is done by means of a diagram (map) that links your thoughts - words and visuals (images/pictures) with each other
Your Starting Point
Whatever you want to talk/think about

Say - Mind Maps
It Radiates from the center
Branching out from your original idea
Using Lines and Symbols
Its like a map of a
It also represents
the thought heirarchy
How Can Mind Maps Help You?
Be more creative
allows your thoughts to go "wild"
Study faster and more efficiently
Save time to communicate your thoughts
Put a structure to your plan / thoughts
See the whole picture
"Get Me the Best Brains..."
But how would you know what's in there?
Every hour of every day I'm learning more
The more I learn, the less I know about before
The less I know, the more I want to look around
Digging deep for clues on higher ground
Bullet: Mind Maps
Mind Maps are the phenomenal data retrieval and access system for your brain's library

It helps you learn, organize and store as much information as you want and have instant access to whatever you want!

The more you know and learn, the easier it is to learn and know more!
Start at the center
Use an A3 or larger page, sideways
Use an Image or Picture
Helps imagination, focus and is worth a 1000 words
It gives vibrancy, depth, energy
Branch out
Main branch, topic, sub-topic etc.
Check that the association is relevant
Use triggers for branching deeper
Steps to make a Mind Map
Practice Exercises
Das Auto
If you are head of Volkswagen's Marketing and Communications team, what is your overall plan to undo the damage to the brand ?
Congress Comeback
in 2019
If you are assigned as the marketing / PR consultant for Congress, what according to you needs to be done, to bring them back to succeed in elections 2019?
Killer Ideas for IOT
What will it take to get MNCs to
Rahul Gandhi
Re-Creating the brand
Teams of 6 or 7
45 Minutes to prepare

What next?
Types of..
Examples of..
Pros & Cons
Cause & Effect
Concerns / Feelings
Dos and Donts
From Bollywood to Hollywood
What the Indian Film Industry needs to do to evolve into producing world class cinema
BCCI 2.0
If you are incharge of BCCI, how will you bring back the audience to cricket?
What needs to be done for..
Brainstorm on business ideas for Internet of Things
Ultimate Campus Placements!
How do we get the best campus placements across Indian business schools
Women's Safety
What should be done to prevent crime against women?
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