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No description

Roman Dekhterman

on 12 December 2013

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Transcript of Leadership

Moves followers to transcend self-interest
for the good of the organization.

Leads to high productivity & engagement from everyone in their team.
Articulates a vision;
Sets a positive example;
Must be supported by detail people
should be pair w/ transactional
Varies by situation
Leadership Strategies

Changing Leadership can have a positive or Negative impact.
Positive for GE & Yahoo
Negative for Avon & JCP
Following a successful leader is challenging
Sometime even a great leader can not fix a company
Before Marissa
Marissa Mayer
in Control
- Leadership Frameworks
- Styles of Leadership
- Examples
- Recommendations
- Questions
Leading Transformation Successfully Requires a Shift of Leadership Mindset
Acquiring Spree

Removed Red-Tape

Improved current products
Who is Marissa?
1st Female engineer with Google (employee # 20)

Workaholic (130hrs/week)

In charge of many winning
projects while with Google
Forced Leadership Change
Transformational Leadership
Inspiring Leadership
Stock Value Decreasing

Loosing market share to Google

Stagnant Development

Loosing Key Talent

Lack of Shareholder confidence
What did Yahoo Need?
External Leader to bring in new ideas/style

Well known & Connected in the Tech Industry

Visionary Leader to Change the Culture
Traffic Grew 20%
Acquiring: Tumbler, Bignoggins, Qeik, Xobni, Admovate, Ztelic, Lexity, Rockmelt, IQ Engines.
Receiving more that 12,000 Resumes per week (6x growth)
Who Transformed GE
New CEO - Jack Welsh
Slow transition from 1981-2001
Jack's History
Born Salem, MA 1935
BS, MS, Ph.D Chemical Eng
Started @ GE in 1960
Company Profile
Over 16 Billion in Earnings
160 Global Locations
300,000+ Employees
Industries: Aviation, Capital, Energy Management, Healthcare, Home & Business Solutions, Oil & Gas, Power & Water, Transportation
How He
Transformed GE
Strong dislike of bureaucracy and archaic business ways.
Gave managers free reign
Ran GE like a small business
Streamline operations,
Acquire new businesses,
Ensure that each business was #1 or 2 in its market
In 1999, Fortune named him:
"Manager of the Century”
Explain the rationale for your decisions
Give employees a reason to choose you
Tell your employees where they stand
Critique yourself honestly
Hire generous leaders 
Managing People
Grew revenues
$26.8 billion to $130 billion
Made GE the most valuable and largest company in the world, up from America's tenth largest by market cap in 1981.
Increased market value
$14 billion to $410 billion
Managing the Company
Lead, don't manage
Don't ignore the facts of your business and the general market: either take advantage of them or protect yourself from their negative effects
Stay focused, be consistent, and always follow-up on everything
Former CEO Andrea Jung
CEO 1999-2012
Born 1959, Canada
BA English Lit - Princeton
Previously Exec VP Neiman Marcus
Salary $6.9 Million
Bribery Allegations Force Jung Out
Leadership Influence
Company History
Founded 1902

Over 1,100 stores in US & Puerto

Online Retail through JCP.com

116,000 Full time employees
Why Change was Needed
Losing ground to competitors like Kohls & Macys
Tired & Old Looking Stores
2010: Pershing Capital buys 16.5% of the company & ousts CEO
Who Did they Bring In?
Board Taps Ex Apple Exec Ron
Pershing Square Capital Mgmt's Bill Ackman #1 Choice
His Plan:
No more frequent sales or coupons
Streamline JCP Brand
Create new Modern Logo
Make JCP a leader in Style
Current Leadership Situation
Ullman returns!
Brings back frequent sales model
Gets rid of new logo
Reintroduces old JCP Brands
Ackman is Off Board
Losses continue to increase
Sales continue to decrease
Too Much too Quick
Horrific Q4FY12 Results
25% Drop in Sales
Billions in Losses
Ousted 4/17/2013
Leaders are all powerful
Staff/Team members have little say
Very efficient - Decisions are made and work done quickly.
Advantageous in routine and unskilled jobs
People don't want to be treated this way!
Leaders to high turnover
Best used in crisis - quick decisions without dissent - Military is best example.
By the Book - Rigorous Rule Follower
Appropriate when there are safety risks
Toxic Substances, dangerous heights
Also useful when routine tasks are involved
Ineffective with teams and organizations that need creativity or innovation
Employees see this as "brown nosing" and resent managers
Are energetic motivators!
Want to transform teams
Inspire enthusiasm
Selfish Intentions
Or, believe more in themselves than teams
Project collapses if they leave
Can do no wrong/ God Complex/ Invincible

Task-Oriented Leadership
Focus only on getting the job done and can be autocratic
They ensure that deadlines are met
Useful for team members who don't manage their time well
Can suffer many of the flaws of autocratic leadership
Causes a motivation and retention problems

Servant Leadership
Leaders that lead by an example
Lead with high integrity and with generosity
Whole team involved in decision process
Can find themselves left behind by leaders using other leadership style
Take a long time to make a decision

2. Six Emotional Leadership Styles
3. Path-Goal Theory
1. Hersey-Blanchard Situational Leadership Theory
Team members agree to obey their leader when they accept a job. It involves the organization paying team members in return for their effort and compliance.

Clarifies everyone's roles and responsibilities.
Judges team members on performance, so ambitious people often thrive.

Little team members can do to improve their job satisfaction.
Can feel stifling, and it can lead to high staff turnover.
Has serious limitations for knowledge-based or creative work.
Democratic Leadership
Encourage creativity / high engagement
Job satisfaction
Members in control of destiny

Slowed decision making
Hinders speed
Members work on their own
Team controls activities

Leader must monitor progress closely
Affects on time management
People Oriented
Members treated equally

Team development placed above project
Leadership Style
Current CEO
Sheri McCoy
Born 1959 in USA
BS Textile Chem/MS Chem /Eng MBA. (U-Mass, Princeton, Rutgers)
Previous Job – J& J, 30 yrs
Salary $11Million
Adopted a new vision for Avon
Avon to become "The Company for Women"
Enables reps to achieve economic self-sufficiency
$450 million to breast cancer research
Launch campaign against domestic violence

Jung driven by passion to make a difference
Enabling women to be self-empowered
Run their own businesses
Andrea Jung
Imparting confidence
Build strategic road map for the future
Stay focused on the fundamentals
Fixing the top line
Servicing our representatives through technology
Connect with consumers
Stabilizing the business
Re-evaluate the company’s markets
Boost incentives for top sales reps
Sheri McCoy Strategy
roman dekhterman-brenda bray-mohammed taha-nick launier
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