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South Africa

No description

emma allen

on 25 September 2013

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Transcript of South Africa

Carlton Centre
Office Tower
South Africa
- Constitutional Democracy
Levels of Government: National Legislature, Executive, Judical branch
-Pretoria (executive)
-Bloemfontein (judical)
-Cape Town (legislative)

Mixed Economy
Driven Towards Tertiary Sector
$11,600 GDP/ Capita
18.06 Million People
22.7% Unemployed
25.9% of GDP
South Africa
Coat of Arms
National Symbol
Highest symbol of the state.
Highlights the democratic change.
Represents a new sense of patriotism.
Gained independence from Britian in 1934.
Independence from white minority rule in 1994.
Jacob Zuma
- President from May 9 2009 - Present day.
Political party: African National Congress (ANC)

Religion: Protestinism
Urban population: 62%
Growth rate:-o.412
birth rate: 19.32 births out off 1000
Migration rate:-6.22
Life expectancy:
-male: 50.34 years
-Female: 48.45 years
Population Density
Per 1000 people a year
Cape Town
Literacy Rate
Gariep Dam
Richards Bay Port
Religions Practiced
-Protestant 36.6%
-zionist Christian 11.1%
-Catholic 7.1
Kalahari Desert
Mafadi Mountain
Lake Chrissie
Robben Island, where
Nelson Mandela spent
27 years in prison
Physical Geography
Orange River Basin
Historical site:
Languages spoken:
-Zulu 23.82%
-Xhosa 17.64%
-Afrikaans 13.35%
Places of worship: churches and synagoges
Human rights day
Womens Day
Colour Festival
Freedom Day
Heritage day
Oil: Consume-570,000 bbl/day Produce- about 40,000 bbl/day Import- 402,300 bbl/day
Top Export: Japan
Top Import: Germany
cultural foods.
spiced roast pork stew
trade partners:
imports- germany, china, u.s.
exports-japan u.s. germany
Poverty Line
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