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The Growing seed

No description

Clayton William

on 31 July 2013

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Transcript of The Growing seed

The Growing Seed
Mark 4:26-29

Basic Analysis
Only found in the book of Mark!
The context of this parable appears to go along with "The parable of sower" (Mark 4:1-20) and "The parable of the mustard seed" (Mark 4:30-32)
Mark 4:14 -> Seed identified as the Word of God. (Also Luke 8:11)
Growth is the key! (Mark 4:26-28; 1Cor 3:5-7)
Mystery (Power of the Word)

Parallelism with "The Sower"
"The sower" -> Emphasizes on human responsibility (Luke 8:15) --> Soil
"The Growing seed" -> Emphasizes on the power within the Word --> Seed
A good and noble heart cannot bear fruit by itself, it takes the seed (which has the power within itself) to grow and germinate in a good soil.
Word of God is powerful (Heb 4:12) and make us grow (1Pet 2:1-2)
Spiritual growth in our lives
By receiving the word into our own hearts.
With Noble hearts (Luke 8:15)
With Meekness (James 1:21)
Sowing the seed (word of God) everywhere --> Sharing
Remember that growth comes only by the power of the seed (Word of God)
Growth comes in stages (James 5:7)
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