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Mh Hm

on 21 July 2015

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Transcript of LONELINESS

Images Relating to the Theme...
Mitch is desperate for companionship and is seeking it through Blanche
He mentions his ill mother, and how she wants him to settle down before she dies
Mitch hopes he can settle down with Blanche

Blanche is also lonely
Surprised and flattered Mitch desires her
Song Choice
I Wanna Dance With Somebody,
I Wanna Dance With Somebody
Scene 6 Summary
Blanche and Mitch have just returned from their date
They are conversing throughout this scene
They are flirting with each other; Blanche playfully pretends not to want Mitch to touch her
Blanche asks Mitch if Stanley talks about her; she insists on knowing his opinion of her
Blanche locates liquor, and wants Mitch to also have a drink
She wants to keep the lights off, but lights a candle
Blanche tells Mitch about her husband: how she caught him with another male
It is clear in this scene that they are both lonely and desperate for companionship
First Quotes: Play & Song
Mitch: "Mother is sick...She wants me to be settled down before she - " (Williams 113).
Second Quotes: Play & Song
Mitch: "I guess it must be pretty late" (Williams 100)
Melanie Hudakoc, Kylie Gonsalves, Nick Del Prete, Renato Rummo
cover by Bootstraps.
Original artist: Whitney Houston
Song Explanation
This song was originally about wanting to be around people and have a good time. However, the tone of this cover does not give off this impression.
This song was chosen because the mood of sadness and loneliness is present in the song, as well as in scene six of
A Street Car Named Desire.
Additionally, the lyrics also speak to the characters and their situations
Mitch is on a time limit to find a spouse, and has no one other than Blanche
Proves desperation is a result of loneliness
Song: "Clock strikes upon the hour, and the sun begins to fade."
This also talks about how time is running out: Mitch's mother is dying and he must find someone to marry
"Sun begins to fade" can refer to their state of mind; their loneliness causes them to feel dark. They feel they are all they have.
darkness comes with the night, which creates a sad, depressing mood
having darkness in the scene suggests Blanche and Mitch's loneliness
Song: "When the night falls, loneliness calls"
darkness is being associated with loneliness
proves how Blanche and Mitch are both lonely in the scene, since it is dark
Third Quotes: Play & Song
Mitch: "You need somebody. And I need somebody, too. Could it be - you and me, Blanche?" (Williams 116)
This is Mitch's pitch to Blanche: they're both lonely but can fix that together
Portrays Mitch's desperation due to his loneliness and hope that Blanche will save him
Song: "Oh! I wanna dance with somebody!"
This is also a cry of desperation and could represent how Mitch is metaphorically asking Blanche to dance with him
Dancing also usually involves emotion, so this insinuates that Mitch is hoping for love and an emotional relationship
Fourth Quotes: Play & Song
Blanche: "I loved someone, too, and the person I loved I lost" (Williams 113)
This proves that Blanche feels she is alone after having suffered several losses; ex: her husband and Belle Reve
She is consoling Mitch's loneliness by stating her own
Song: "I've been in love and lost my senses"
This proves that not only did Blanche suffer physical losses, she lost her senses as well
Shows the cause and effect of loneliness: Blanche is alone and she now does not have a firm grasp on reality
Fifth Quotes: Play & Song
Blanche: "A girl alone in the world, has got to keep a firm hold on her emotions or she'll be lost!" (Williams 103)
Blanche knows from past experiences how men will take advantage of her if she does not stop them
Shows how she is lonely because after having many affairs with different men, none of them stayed with her; she has no one to love and no one to love her
Song: "Sooner or later the fever ends and I wind up feeling down"
After the sexual actions with many men ended, so did any kind of relationship she had with them. The "fever" can be compared to sexual actions
This causes her to feel sad and lonely. "Wind up feeling down" can be associated to the loneliness Blanche is experiencing now, after all her sexual relationships
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