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The Allegory of the Cave

Another project for Mr. Dunkin's class woohoo By: Joey Trevino, Jose Zapata, Mike Lozano, Justin Robles, and Alexis De La Garza

Joey Trevino

on 14 September 2012

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Transcript of The Allegory of the Cave

Plato starts the allegory by setting the start with explaining how human society isn't learning. He explains how human society is like men trapped in a cave not able to learn and being blocked by a wall with enlightenment on the other side. In our opinion, most of our generation block themselves from enlightenment and knowledge because they are too ignorant to care and to learn. They wander in the darkness, staring straight ahead, and worry about the unimportant things in their lives. Ex. Facebook, twitter, video games, and many other distractions. Although there are those who are ignorant, there are also those who actually get up, look into the light, and things around them, and think. These are the philosophers of our generation. They make time to study, and learn, and pick up the book and read. They aren’t slackers. They are like all the students in Mr. Dunkin’s class. He continues by explaining what enlightenment would be for the men if they were taken out of the cave. He starts out from the exit and is blinded by the sun's light and can only see the shadows of things They would continue learning but only by looking at shadows, then reflections, and finally the objects themselves. lol Plato refers the cave as being the ignorance of men, men that have little or no knowledge of what the real world is about. Them, having no ambition in pursuing the knowledge accept the small truth as the whole truth, but there is one that stands out from the rest... The MIGHTY FALCON SCHOLAR!! As time passes he gets a bit accustomed to the light and can now start looking at the reflections of himself and other objects. When more time passes he is now able to see objects themselves and gain understanding As his ability to see in the light increases, he can now see clouds and all of the night sky. Obviously he would never want to go back to the cave because he now has the knowledge of what reality is. If he were to go back he wouldn't be able to see because he has been in the light of knowledge and be rejected by the others because of their ignorant beliefs There are two different scenarios that came to our minds, when we thought of the modern day Allegory of the Cave. First was homeless people. Homeless people are a great example of the prisoners in the cave. They have lost all hope, and rather just not do anything, but... there is those who find the light. They keep pursuing the light, and finding hope. They keep fighting to get back on there feet, even when the world push them down. The second one is technology. Yes, technology has helped us greatly over the years, but there is a down side. I guarantee most of this class has texted during class session/lectures through out our lifetime. That right there is ignorance and not striving to learn. Some would say ignorance is bliss. Dr. Seuss' Green Eggs and Ham is a great interpretation of the Allegory of the Cave. Think of the green eggs and ham, as being knowledge. The character is showing his ignorance, by saying "Sam I am I dont like green eggs and ham". After Sam persistently offered him the plate of green eggs and ham, the ignorant character finally gave in into trying the green eggs and ham. He took a bite into knowledge. In this story, as I said before, the plate of green eggs and ham is knowledge, and the ignorant character is the "prisoner". B.A.M.F. (Be A Mighty Falcon) The conclusion The Allegory or The Cave
By: Plato Flow Chart done by: Jose Zapata, Justin Robles, Mike Lozano, Joey Trevino, and Alexis De La Garza Cuz stairs are for the weak Nice tie Thanks to Photoshop and Mr. Dunkin Finally after a long period of time he is able to look directly into the sun and realizes what the real world is and gains knowledge
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