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No description

Shawn George

on 7 May 2015

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Transcript of Japan

Japan's political Report
The leader of governments is the Emperor Akihito and the Prime minister is Shinzo Abe and the name of the capital city is Tokyo.
BY - Shawn G.
Anmoledeep B.
Thank you !
Japan's economic Reports
Japan's Social Report
By - Shawn George and Anmoldeep Bhatti
All about Japan
Japan's Physical report
The Total GDP per Capita in Japan is 39578.07 the type money they use is Yens. The tourism spots are Golden Pavaillion, Hemiji Castle and Tokyo Imperial. The Japanese peoples most imports are fuel (32 percent of total imports), machinery (19 percent), food (9 percent), manufactured goods (9 percent), chemicals (8.5 percent), raw materials (8 percent) and clothing (4 percent) and there major exports are iron , steel, and electronics goods, including cameras and computers automobiles, heavy machinery, tools, and appliances.
That was a picture of Mount . Fuji
The Population of Japan is 127,817,271(2011) and the life expectancy is 82.9(2010 world bank ).The language they speak the most is Japanese and there major religion is Shinto and Buddhism. There foods are sushi and many other more food and the japanese traditions are origami ,ocha and sumo wrestles and much more.
Emperor Akihito
Shinzō Abe
The end
Japan's land size is 364,500 sq the landforms are Mountains,basins,plains,valley,islands and coral reefs.It has 47prefectures and the climate are winter from December - February and spring which is from march to may the temperature is warm in the summer it is from June to August and in the Autumn which is from September to November and its 8 - 10*c .
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