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No description

Yatai Tian

on 4 April 2014

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Transcript of Compasses

And Who invented the Modern Compass?
Which Country Invented the compass?
By Yatai, Alfa and Allen

How Does a Compass Work?
It detects the Earth's magnetic fields
Uses the strength in the Earth's magnetic field to turn the needle
What is the difference between true north and magnetic north?

Magnetic North is uses the Earth's magnetic fields to decide North
True North is actual North
How Might a Compass Fail Us???
A compass only shows you North, East, South, West and that's it.
Distance is not measured by the compass.
Finding a location, without a map, compasses are sometimes useless
Magnetic interference can lead us the wrong way
China invented the compass
William Sturgeon invented the modern compass

GPS compass
Base plate compass
Prismatic compass
Magnetic compass
Thumb compass
Solid state compasses
Specialty compasses
What are the different types of compasses
A magnified needle
A dish of water
Something small that floats
How Can We Make a Compass?
How was the compass
modified and
changed overtime?

First Discovered in China 100 AD
First Used for Land navigation in 1044
1300, invented dry compass

How have compasses brought humans closer together?

Chinese Compass
Carried On....
1690: Invented Liquid Compass
1728: Invented Bearing Compass
1813: Invented mariners liquid compass
1909: Liquid Compass adapted onto air crafts
1936: Wrist mounted compass invented

Compasses has helped us by finding land and people
If there were no compasses, we wouldn't explore and trade
We hope you have learnt a lot of valuable information
The compass : steering towards the new world / Brigitte Coppin ; translated by Patrick White ; illustrated by Jean-Luc Didelot.
Map and compass : the art of navigation / by Pete Hawkins.
Compass : a story of exploration and innovation / by Alan Gurney.
The riddle of the compass : the invention that changed the world / Amir D. Aczel.
In this slide show, we will explain how compasses work and the history of the compass.
Have you been listening
to us? I hope you have been
listening to us. We have
presented a lot of information
and facts for future use!
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