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Keynote Presentation // updated

Kyle Sexton

on 18 March 2014

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Transcript of McLARANisms

// Wherever you are, be there
// To publicly give credit to anyone who played a role in your hard work or achievements. Requires that you are willing to do, and capable of doing, anything you would ask of someone else.
Servant Leadership
// Everyone has a role, and no role is more important than any other. No one can be great at their role if everyone isn't great at their role.
// Reward it in others. We need people to start things and take risks. Support them.
// A failure of leaders to align a team's strengths
// What you preserve in others when you refuse to take anything but the high road
// Something a leader takes for his/her team, even/especially when it has nothing to do with them; never to be assigned to someone else.
// Do you still love what you do here?
Where do you want to be in 5 years?
How can I help you get there?
Annual Review
// You can't lead others if you can't manage yourself
// Concentrate on issues, not personalities
// Something you don't need to talk about if you live it
// When honesty and trust and selflessness are directed at another; an action that inspires the emotion
// Something you receive when you give it first
// A way to demonstrate that you have learned something
// The art of letting someone else have your way
// Keep them. See also: Integrity
// Something earned over decades but lost in a careless moment; if you have to tell someone you have it, you don't have it
// Seek first to understand, then to be understood. See also: Listening
// Listen with your eyes and your ears will work better. See also: Focus
// A title that comes with a target on your back. If you're not a contender, you're not part of the conversation.
// Sometimes it's the loudest thing in the room
// It's just a little bit more than greatness; a hard place to get to, and even harder to stay there
A More Graceful, Dignified Approach to Leadership
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