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1960's Presentation

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Ryan Ridley

on 17 October 2012

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Transcript of 1960's Presentation

1960's Vehicles Movies Toys Television Shows Music Fashion/Clothing Cartoons 1966 Ford Mustang 1969 Chevrolet Camaro Z28 1966 Ford F-100 The sporty/muscle vehicles were the most popular, due to the fact that the baby boomers at the time were around the age of 17-21. Considering every teenager likes to show off, it is no surprise that these "flashy" vehicles were popular at the time Psycho 1960 Planet of the Apes 1968 The Good, the Bad and the Ugly 1966 These movies were popular in the 1960's because they were filled with action and covered a wide range of genres and they also introduced a new type of entertainment that hadn't been seen before. GI Joe 1964 Rockem Sockem Robots 1961 Easy Bake Oven 1963 Rockem Sockem and Easy
Bake Oven were popular
because they were new
never seen before products
that kids enjoyed. GI Joe was
very popular because it was
an action figure for boys and
it was also a craze at the
time. The Beatles Johnny Cash The Beach Boys Jimi Hendrix Music was very influential in the 1960's, and certain bands and musicians were very popular and connected to many people. It is said that the best musicians and artists were in their prime during the 1960s such as The Beatles and Jimi Hendrix. The Addams Family (1964-66) Star Trek (1966-69) The Beverly Hillbillies (1962-71) T.V. shows and cartoons really started to become popular during the 1960s because they offered a new sort of entertainment that wasn't around back then. They were also popular because they covered a wide range of genres and casts and some shows were even animated. Modern fashion throughout the 1960's Swimwear Men Casual wear Hipster wear Scooby Doo 1969-72 Spiderman 1967-70 Flintstones 1960-66 These cartoons were very popular among young children because they were very appealing and action/fun filled. These cartoons genres also ranged from horror/mystery (Scooby-Doo) to action and crime solving (Spiderman). So it would be very easy for a cartoon to appeal to any kind of tv viewer because of the wide range of cartoon shows that were on during the 60's Food/Beverage Jello Coca-Cola Pringle's These foods/beverages appealed to many different consumers in the 60s, mostly because they had began to offer different types of flavors so that there was more of a wide range of product to choose from. Popular Celebrities Julie Andrews Sean Connery John Wayne These celebrities were very popular in the 60's because they were all role models for a wide range of people from kids to adults. They all had different roles in movies from action to kids films. Civil Right Movements Martin Luther King Jr
March On Washington 1963 John F. Kennedy
Kennedy Administration 1961-63 Birmingham Campaign 1963-64 Hobbies Drugs Music Remote Control Models Clothing came on a wide range in the 60s, mostly because of the different influences and impacts that celebrities and other popular personnel had. For example, a band like The Beatles highly impacted the way people dress because everyone liked their look, and their look became very popular. Quiz: Which one of these 4 movies were not made in the 1960's?
1. Psycho
2. Casino Royale
3. The Godfather
4. Planet of the Apes Quiz: Which one of these four toys were not made
in the 1960's?
1. Rock E'm Sock E'm Robots
2. G.I. Joe
3. Tickle Me Elmo
4. The Twister Board Game Who is considered to be the greatest guitarist of all time?
1. Johnny Cash
2. Chuck Berry
3. Jimi Hendrix
4. Angus Young Which one of these famous actors starred in the hit series "Star Trek"
1. Eddie Murphy
2. Oprah Winfrey
3. William Shatner
4. Robin Williams Which one of these famous bands became a big impact on the clothing industry in the 1960's?
1. Cream
2. The Beatles
3. Green day
4. The Ramones What was one of the most popular soda beverages during the 1960s?
1. Coca-Cola
2. Ginger ale
3. Grape Soda
4. Iced Tea In what country was the famous actor "Sean Connery" born in?
1. New Zealand
2. Ireland
3. Wales
4. Scotland Because of the ever changing society in the 1960s, many Civil Rights Movements took place to help protect and recover rights for certain citizens. An example would be the March On Washington, which was also where Martin Luther King Jr. gave his "I had a dream" speech. Which one of the following people listed below gave a speech titled "I had a dream"
1. John F. Kennedy
2. Eric Clapton
3. Martin Luther King Jr.
4. Paul McCartney Hobbies and activities during the 1960s started to become more common because of the expansion of technology and the creation of all of these new never before seen products. Some products and hobbies also had a large impact on society. (Entertainment, Music and Drugs being big examples) Which one of these Hobbies is considered to be a large impact/influence on society in the 1960s?
1. Music
2. Model Cars
3. Golf
4. Chess What type of vehicle was largely produced and loved by consumers in the 1960s?
1. "Muscle Cars"
2. Mini-Vans
3. Sports Cars
4. Pick-Up Trucks Thank you for watching!
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