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Political & Economical

No description

Online Gaming

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of Political & Economical

Politics Asia - 50% North America- 30% Europe - 20% % of worldwide gaming population
Economical Implications south korea controversies 40% of worldwide sales for StarCraft

Population approx 48 million people
Vs 17 Million Gamers market forces Broadband penetration Increased acceptance of online game play Plummeting cost and accessibility of technology Social networking phenomenon violence Oniline crime Corporate espioage piracy gold farming 30% for Diablo II
Warcraft III sold 330,000 Mobile Internet Services - 85,000 games downloads per day.
starcraft china 2009 - $3.57 billion
68 million online users 2010 - $4.5 billion 2014 - $9.2 billion
141 million online Users korea = 50mbps AT&T Yahoo elite package = 6.4mbps 28,000 PC Bangs Regulations The Great Firewall Ministry of Culture Banned due to violence or cultural discrepancies Violent games Banned Oct 2007 - Games Rating Board
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