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The Quest of the Golden Fleece

No description

tina seeney

on 31 March 2011

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Transcript of The Quest of the Golden Fleece

The Quest of The Golden Fleece King Athamas marries second wife Princess of Ino. Second wife is determined to kill the son of the first wife. Ino gets possesion of all the corn seeds and parched them before the were sewn . The son Phrixus was sent to be sacrificed, in hopes of that the corn would grow. Phrixus was taken to the alter wearing a fleece of pure gold. A ram came down and snatched him and his sister. While crossing into Asia Helle,Phrixus' sister fell in to hte straight. Phrixus had landed in Colchis. The king of Colchis was kind to Phrixus. King Aetets let him marry one of his daughters. for being saved Phrixus gave the king his golden fleece. Phrixus' uncle, the king of greece, had his kingdom taken away by his nephew Pelias Jason, the king son, came back from his place of safety to claim the kingdom. An oracle told Pelias that he would die at the hands of kinsmen Pelias was also told that he should beware of anyone who had only one sandal When Pelias came across a well clad man who had only one sandal, in the market place Pelias wondering if he was Apollo, or Aphrodite's lord not one of Poseidon's sons for they were all dead. Pelias went and talked to the stranger. he asked him "what country is your fatherland?" the stranger told him he came to reclaim the land that Zues gave to his father. The stranger told Pelias that he was his cousin Jason. Jason asked Pelias to keep everything except the scepter and throne. Pelias agreed to Jason's request but on one condition that Jason bring the golden fleece back If Jason brought the fleece back Pelias swore he would give up the kingdom. The men of Greece joined in the quest including Hercules, Orpheus, Castor, Pollux and Peleus Jason and his helpers set sail on the Argo. With him he brought a golden goblet. The first island they landed on ws Lemnos. An island where the women had killed all the men except for the king. Who was set afloat
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