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Don't post your face online

No description

Jaxon 70 RTMS

on 16 December 2013

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Transcript of Don't post your face online

perminent online foot print
you might put a picture online that is cool today but may not be appropriate in a few years.(ex: when applying for a job)
cyber bullying
people could change your photo to something inapropriate and send it to a big group of people.
people could steal your photos and could photo shop them too.(ex: they could change your photos to put you in a situation or place that you were never in)
Don't post your face online
By: Jaxon & matias

one main reason not to post your face online
people could find out where your
from and where you live.(ex: they could
look in the backround of most of your

Thanks for watching our presentation! hope you have a good day!
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