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Causes of the Civil War

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Jenny Holloway

on 14 November 2016

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Transcript of Causes of the Civil War

Steps to War:
Causes of the Civil War

--New states: Missouri and Maine
--Missouri admitted as a slave state
--Maine admitted as a free state
--36 deg. 30'N dividing line, any state admitted above it was free, any state below could decide if they wanted slavery
--Put off Civil War, but did not solve issue of slavery
Missouri Compromise--1820
Harriet Beecher Stowe
Uncle Tom's Cabin--1852
--Dred Scott (a slave) sues for his freedom
--Supreme Court ruled that African Americans weren't citizens. Didn't have a right to sue
--Illegal to prohibit slavery in new states (cannot deprive people of their property w/o due process)
--Abolitionists FURIOUS
Dred Scott v. Sanford--1857
Election of 1860
Civil War: North vs. South
Wilmot Proviso--1846
--Plan to admit territory from Mexico as free states
--Encouraged more anti-slavery movement
New states coming into the Union upset the balance of power in Congress (give North or South the advantage in lawmaking)
Compromise of 1850
--New state: California
--Compromise said CA is a free state, but every new state admitted after that gets to CHOOSE whether they are slave or free
--Overthrows Missouri Compromise (remember 36'30?)
--Also had a provision called the fugitive slave act...return runaway slaves
--Abolitionists were furious
--Wrote it in response to fugitive slave law
--Shows brutal picture of slavery in the south
--Encouraged abolitionist movement
Kansas-Nebraska Act--1854
--New states: Kansas and Nebraska
--Get to decide whether they are
free or slave states
--Violence "bleeding Kansas"
--2 governments: pro and anti slavery
--Kansas enters union: FREE
--Abraham Lincoln vs. 3 democratic candidates
--The election of Lincoln was the last straw for southerners
--December 1860: South Carolina secedes
The causes of the Civil War are two fold:
1) The issue of slavery
2) The imbalance of power in Congress that resulted from the issue of slavery
Journal Question:

What does the map tell you about the political situation in the US before the Civil War?
which we received after the Mexican American war (1846-1848)
Journal Question:

First, some background info:
Journal Question:
Based on this graph, what caused a rise in slavery in the 19th century?
--Slavery grows (due to the cotton gin)
--After the 2nd
Great Awakening,
abolition movement
grows (religious involvement in social justice issues)

--Tariff of 1828
protects Northern industry by putting expensive taxes on imports, but harms southern economy
Using chapter 2.3...Create a Venn diagram that compares and contrasts the Northern and Southern states before the Civil War. Your Venn diagram should address the following specific points:
--Economic differences
--Advantages/disadvantages in the war
--Social/cultural differences
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