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Developing a Digital Footprint, & a Positive Online Presence

Presentation created for parents of elementary school aged students.

Keith Ferrell

on 14 December 2010

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Transcript of Developing a Digital Footprint, & a Positive Online Presence

Developing a Digital Footprint
and Positive Online Presence So, what is a digital footprint? One of the single, most important factors to helping the development and education of your children is for you to take an interest in the cyber world and to be informed. A digital footprint is the data trace or trail left by someone's activity in a digital environment. "The greatest risk our children face online is being denied access." -wiredsafety.org "In proceeding forward, schools must understand that the past decade has been characterized by technopanic ~ a heightened concern about the use of the Internet by young people that is not grounded in the actual research evidence." -Center for Safe and Responsible Internet Use
2010 "In the very near future, your digital footprint
will carry far more weight than anything you
might include on a resume." -Chris Betcher Digital Citizenship
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