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Classifying Matter

No description

heather cordle

on 6 February 2018

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Transcript of Classifying Matter

Concept Check
Elements, Compounds & Mixtures
1) Go to Canvas
2) Select Classifying Matter Unit
3) Select Substances & Mixtures
4) Complete Bellwork Interactive

- What is a chemical formula?
- What is an elemental symbol?
- What is an element?
- What is a compound?
Elements – Substances made up of only one type of atom.
- Cannot be separated by any physical OR chemical process.

Compound – Two or more elements chemically bonded together.
- Cannot be separated by any physical process.
- Can only be separated by a chemical reaction.

1) Instruction & Video
2) White board practice
3) Table Practice
4) Closure
Students will:
identify elements, compounds and mixtures given an example.
determine the number of each element in a compound given the chemical formula
On a sticky note...in your own words, what is the difference between a compound and an element?
Next we will move on to Mixtures...
"Homo" - the same

"Hetero" - different
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