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Ancient Egypt : The Pharaohs

This is a prezi about ancient egypt's pharaohs.... Hope you enjoy :)

Nasser Al-Sabah

on 19 March 2011

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Transcript of Ancient Egypt : The Pharaohs

Ancient Egypt : The Pharaohs What does "Pharaoh" mean A ruler of ancient
Egypt What are the greatest achivements of Pharaohs Made Good Arts
Build the pyramids
Encouraging trade
Army Leaders
Master Builders How were pharaohs burried and perserved? Remove Brain With Stick
Remove Internal Organs And Put In Canopic Jar
Stuff With Linen
Brush With Resin
Wrap Body With Linen Who Are The Pharaohs That Achived Great Achivements?
Pharaoh Khufu
Pharaoh Senusret
Pharaoh Hatshepsut
Pharaoh Ramses II Why Were The Pyramids Built?
They Were Tombs For Pharaohs The Bigger They Are , The More Important The Pharaoh Is + = What Does Pyramid Mean? It Is Greek Means "Wheat Cake" Means "Mer" For Egyptians How Are They Remembered?
Left Cats
Sphinx This Is Egypt Now......
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