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cassi d

on 10 April 2013

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Transcript of FLUID SPILLS

WHAT IF... FLUID SPILLS What if an overturned transport truck spills liquid fertilizer onto the roadway and into the local water system? What would be affected? How Does This Occur? There are many different ways that transport
trucks can tip over and spill the chemical that
they are holding Cleaning The Spill Up What Cannot Be Fixed If the fertilizer flows into streams and sewage systems, the company that is responsible for removing the fertilizer cannot clean this fertilizer up. It might wash into sewers and streams later, which is still very bad. Also, any fertilizer that flowed into water systems and streams cannot be removed easily. The damage that is done before it is cleaned, cannot be undone. Some Easy Ways To Prevent a Spill If some spills are caused by careless driving and not obeying rules, the easiest way to prevent a spill is following all road markings and driving at the speed limit. Also making sure that the truck is properly taken care of and that the truck is filled to it's proper amount, spills will be less likely. The truck is designed for certain routes. Some of these trucks are not designed for certain weather and roads. If these rules are followed, spills are less likely to happen. Who Is Responsible? The people that are responsible for the clean up would be the person or company that made the mistake. If the truck was unevenly loaded, then the company who loaded it would be responsible. If the truck spilled because of careless driving, then the driver is responsible. The person that caused the accident should be the one to pay all costs for cleaning it up, and repairing the truck. To clean up a spilled transport truck, many people are needed. First, you have to stop the spill. That could be replacing a nozzle that fell off, covering the crack or hole, or if you cannot cover the leak, placing something underneath it to catch any flowing fertilizer. Companies that clean spills will have to be contacted and will come. These people cannot come instantly, so much more fluid will spill. The clean-up crew will, using an industrial vacuum, suck the fertilizer into another truck. Before, this can happen, traffic needs to be redirected, and the area needs to be cleared.
After the fluid is vacuumed, they will pour sand on the ground which soaks up any leftover fertilizer. Who would be affected careless driving by the truck driver and other cars on the road
going over the speed limit
turning sharp corners
driving downhill
driving when the ground is wet, icy, soft, or uneven
driving when the truck is unevenly loaded or overloaded When fertilizer spills, it can flow into nearby rivers and streams, contaminating them. By having fertilizer in the water it can kill the life in the river such as fish. The chemical ammonia that is in the fertilizer is a toxic chemical to fish and animals. Many people and companies would be affected by a fluid spill. The fertilizer is expensive to clean up, and there is a lot of fertilizer wasted, so the company must pay that cost. Any homes nearby can be affected also. The fertilizer could get into peoples homes and ruin walls, floors, pipes, etc. Also, traffic gets stalled. A tipped truck blocks the roadway, so traffic cannot flow as usual. Works Cited scisoc.confex.com/scisoc/2012am/webprogram/paper74757.html
nature.org/idc/groups/webcontent/@web/@alaska/documents/document/prd_026308.pdf Thank-You!
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