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Charmian Williams

on 8 March 2013

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Transcript of Desertification

Desertification By: Charmian , Sidney, & MaiYer Where is desertification? Sahel Desert Desertification Pictures Desertification Rates CITIES & COUNTRIES Causes What is Desertification? A land degradation in arid, semi-arid and dry sub-humid areas. Overgrazing

Destruction of vegetation in arid regions

Incorrect irrigation practices Soil not suitable to use Loosened soil bury pants. Poor water quality Dry Lands Development of desert-like conditions in regions that have experienced human activities. Arid, Semiarid, & Dry Sub humid Senegal, Mauritania, Malí, Algeria, Niger, Chad, Sudan, South Sudan, & Eritrea Who does it affect? FOOD VEGETATION Plants and food won't grow Causes starvation and economic problems Nutrients in soil removed by wind or water Harder for plant growth Why is it a problem? Plant species lost Flooding Dust storms Pollution Leaves people Homeless People get Injuries Dust storms in countries and cities Less land for farming Dead & hungry animals No grazing Less food Still overgrazing Erosion Dust from deserts blown into cities from desert areas. How Can We HELP! Sign Petitions! Create a petition for the people in the affected areas to stop overgrazing Contact Governments Write a letter to the governments of the affected areas Address the situatuation and state how they can help Use suggestions. Be forceful but not too forceful. Send Money! Ask parents friends to donate. It will help provide food & shelter Fix the countries and cities damanged Animals and People Be gradually worn away by such natural agents
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