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Cosmopolitan Magazine Analysis

No description

molly allen

on 10 February 2013

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Transcript of Cosmopolitan Magazine Analysis

Double Page Analysis Front Page Analysis Contents page Analysis Cosmopolitan masthead: the Cosmo masthead is large and its the first thing that you see when you look at the front page. The masthead on the cover sets the colour scheme on the page as it shows that pink is the main colour that will be used, the use of the colour pink represents the target audience that cosmo target at which is females, pink is a feminine colour and therefore allows us to identify this. The magazine masthead has been put int he skyline of the page and part of the main icon on the page covers up a section of the convention, this is because she is seen as a more important element on the page. Cosmo is a well known company with the synergy of its logo also being well known, so despite the fact that it is covered you can still recognize that it is a Cosmopolitan magazine. Main image: The main image is large on the page and this will appeal to the audience, the main image is the second convention that catches your eye on a magazine front cover. It is a medium long shot of Mollie from the Saturdays and the image takes up the majority of the space on the front cover, this shows that she is the main focus in this issue. By having a well known celebrity on the cover it will increase the amount of sales that this issue will sell because if people are a fan of the Saturdays or just because of the fact that a celebrity is on the cover people will want to buy it. The mise-en-scene of the main image makes Mollie come across as extremely feminine and girly due to the her makeup and choice of sophisticated but sexy and also elegant dress. The use of direct mode of address in the image creates a connection between the image or celebrity and the reader, her posture suggests that she is blowing a kiss to the reader again this is intimate because it is directed at them individually. The laura mulvey theory of the male gaze can be used for this image as men would find this image visually aesthetic. Cover story: the cover story 'Mollie from the saturdays, single, sorted and storming America' this story uses a triple, by having the first letter of each word in this cover story starting with an 's' its a type of persuasive language, which is easy for the reader to read and they want to find out more about this story, also by putting this story directly next to the main image it shows that she is that main star on the page. Pug: 'fresh fashion 405 genius new season buys' the pink pug stands out on the white background of the page, it is advertising that inside this issue there is fresh fashion insight with 405 new fashion pieces, it shows the fashion this season and what people must wear to be up-to-date with the latest fashion, girls are interested in fashion and therefore they will be curious to read this page. Barcode/website: the barcode and website,
of a magazine are always featured at the bottom of the page they are a stereotypical magazine convention. Cover story: The story 'i put on 3 stone to marry the man i love' this is an unusual thing for someone todo, its ironic as a young woman would stereotypically want to loose weight to become super skinny like models, due to the media and how beauty is perceived now. This will appeal to the audience as they will want to know why a woman has put on three stone to marry someone she loves. Main cover story: 'love yourself' this is the main cover story on the page, we can identify this due to how large the typography is, the love yourself typography is curly and pink, representing the feminine target audience. Also woman are known to be insecure about their bodies and how they look due to the fact that celebrities are seen as perfect because of how the media represent them with perfect hair, skin, makeup and clothing and this story expresses to woman why and how they can love themselves, by using the word 'yourself' it creates a connection with the individual reader and its as if the magazine is demanding them to do so. Also with the smaller text underneath saying 'why its time to put you first' the reader will want to know why this is, therefore it encourages them to buy the magazine to find out. 'love your body(and his)': This cover story, is in a bold black font which makes it stand out on the page. By including information about 'sexual confidence' it shows that the audience of this magazine are mature females from the age of 16 upwards as this is the main age when woman start to think about their body in the bedroom, it is a mature cover story. 'make your money go twice as far': This cover story will appeal to women because they like to spend money on the stereotypical things such as shopping, cosmetics, bags, accessories. This story suggest an socio economic higher class audience who has money to spend and they are now able to spend it but make the most of the money they're spending. Again suggesting a mature female audience. 'happy hair': this cover story will appeal to women because they always want to have perfect hair, as girls do have bad hair days. Therefore if they was able to use a product that would prevent bad hair days this would interest them to read the page to find out more. main image: The main of Jessie J is large and takes up one half of the double page spread aswell as bleeding onto the otherwise of the other page, this represents how Jessie J is a worldwide, well known celebrity and it shows her importance on the page, the page is about her and her rising fame. The image is a medium close up of Jessie, in this image she looks feminine and sophisticated with a fur garment covering her upper body. She is a star that is well known shiny, short , black hair this her synergy and people recognize this of her. Her direct mode of address create intimacy for the reader and it's as if she is looking into their eyes, her makeup makes her look feminine her dark eyeshadow matches the tone of her hair. Triple: 'fun, fearless, female' this caption has been put on the page to describe Jessie J's personality as she is known as a powerful women who believes in girl power, therefore she has a strong impact on the role of women, this description matches what she is well known for. celebrity name: by having 'Jessie J' at the top of the page it shows who the page is about, also the typography of her name has synergy as this is the typography that is used for her name in other media products such as album, single covers and websites etc. Therefore by using the consistent font style it carry's on the synergy. 'Jessie J Superstar Rising': By having the title of the double page as Jessie J superstar rising it shows her authority in the media industry and shows how she is very well known, by having the superstar rising in orange it creates a colour scheme for the page as other conventions will contain the same colour as the title. Orange is seen to be a royal colour aswell as yellow, if someone is of some importance they have a strong, bold colour to represent this. smaller image: A smaller image of Jessie j has been included of Jessie j of her at the Brit awards this shows that she is an important star to be pictured there with an award, which represents her rising fame. Only well known celebrities are known to go to the Brit awards aswell as being nominated for an award. page number and issue date: to show
what page this feature is on, what magazine its from and the date of the issue. description of Jessie: this text shows how Jessie J is becoming a big star in the industry, everyone is talking about Jessie J, she is being compared to major celebrities and referred to as the hottest new girl crush in the music industry. main text/interview: The main text on the page starts with a large letter 'S' which draws the attention of the reader as it stands out on the page due to how large it is. In the text it discusses how Jessie j is becoming as big as stars such as Leona Lewis, Ellie Golding and Florence and the machine. The text then goes onto an interview with Jessie j which asks her personal questions about her life and how fame has changed her as a person, this makes the audience feel a connection with Jessie J as they are finding out her personal views which a fan base would be very excited to read about as they want to know as much as possible about her. Title of the page: The title of the contents page is large the colours of the words match the colours in the main image. By having the title as December 2012' it shows which issue the contents page refers to. The use of the neutral colours brown and white could also reflect the season that December is in which is winter, white and brown are quite warm colours which i represent with winter. Main image: The main image on the page is large it is of a woman and a man, the woman is sitting in her bed surrounded by a lot of pairs of shoes, this relates to the fact that Cosmo is a fashion magazine. It also shows how women stereotypically own a lot of shoes, in this picture the girl looks as if she doesn't know which shoes to choose, the man in the image looks fed up as if she pays more attention to shoes than him. 'Back to black': This cover story suggests how in that specific time period the fashion was black clothing, the latest trend was the colour black, the girl in the photo also suggests this due to her umbrella, dress and hat all being black. On the cover: This section on the contents page refers to the cover stories and features that are on the front page of this issue, this tells the reader which page each feature is on as the front cover doesn't state this, also this separates the cover from the contents, there may be a certain story on the cover that interests the reader, they can now find it in this section. Pug: This pug is discussing the main image on this page which shows exactly what the pug says, in the image it looks as if Kirstly loves shoes more than her boyfriend, this is one of the main stories on the page and is repeated many times therefore people will want to read about it. Main features: All the stories have their main headlines in a bold font, this is to catch the readers attention and to make the text stand out on the bright pink insert. 'The bad world of sex love': This column reveals how the audience of the cosmopolitan magazine are mature women, that are interested in stories like this that discuss the sex life between two people and other stories that relate to love and being single. Girls will enjoy reading about this as it is something they are interested in. Subscriptions: Subscriptions will appeal to the reader because they are able to get things for free, in this case it is an expensive gift set worth £59, as soon as they see how much is worth they will want to subscribe due to the chance in what they are to get for free. 'Dress to express not to impress': This cover story tells women to concentrate on expressing themselves through clothing rather than dressing to impress the opposite sex. the stories under this subtitle all revolve around how makeup, hair, colour and clothes can express your inner self. 'Make it happen': This feature discusses with the reader how to do certain things, the title of each story is in bold to show that these are the things that the reader can make happen. By including stories like 'be your own boss' it relates back to the mature target audience of older women and females. Quiz: This qiz is all about love, and how you can quiz yourself on what your type is and what you look for in a boy, this will appeal to girls and they will want to take this quiz on themselves. Colour scheme/rule of thirds: The colour scheme of this contents page is white, burgundy and black. The main colours used on the page, black and burgundy are used in alot of the text, including feature titles and page numbers. The rule of thirds makes the page look visually aesthetic by putting images and text in columns it makes it easier to read. Smaller image: This image of the woman posing and having an art sculpture next to her with the same posture, relates to the cover feature 'work of art' as this image shows a type of art.
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