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Forensic Nurse

No description

Alexus Dillon

on 14 April 2014

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Transcript of Forensic Nurse

Career Day Experience
Interested In
Forensic Nurse
1st place in district Literary Rally
Received $100 scholarship to Southeastern Louisiana University
Career Influences
Mentor: Frederick Dillon
Senior Career Project: Forensic Nursing
Alexus Dillon
ST. Tammany Parish Hospital
My school hosted career day this year. There were many different colleges that came to my school. I got to see so many great colleges I would like to attend.
•Take blood and tissue samples

•Photograph and measure wounds

•Collect other vital evidence on the body

•Provide support and encouragement for victims

Job Characteristics


Louisiana University
southeastern's nursing school
The starting wage
54,000 - 208,000 yearly
Actual salaries vary:

educational level


duties performed

nursing school courses

- Hammond campus
- Baton Rouge Center
Job outlooks
Highest states employment

Work Settings
- hospitals

- private/ public clinics

- crime laboratories

- medical examiners’ offices

- victim advocates’ offices

- forensic psychiatry units

- shelters for victims of domestic violence
- California
- Florida
- Texas
- Arizona
- Illinois
MY father inspired my to pursue this career because he's a nurse as well.
I will be attending Southeastern university in the fall 2014
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