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Peer Leadership Project

A course developed to help college students learn different leadership styles, skills, and different leadership stories. Then create a project to help high school students learn the college application process.

will wright

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of Peer Leadership Project

Peer Leadership Class 2010 Group # 1 Group # 2 Group # 3 Presentation Recruitment Class Juniors receive the opportunity
to experience college life Experiential Learning Exercises College Preparation Activities Campus Tour Campus Experiences Club Fair Informational Booklets This activity gave students the chance
to learn about Residence Life.... These outdoor activities allowed students the opportunity to learn leadership, communication, and team building skills Pfeiffer University hosted an Olympic event that students particpated in Future Peer Leadership Class Positive Aspects Highlights
Why take the time for Leadership Future Leadership Grant Workshops Ropes Course Leading in our class Director of Speakers Outside opportunities Class beyond the Classroom... Role Models Relationships vs. Academics Unique Opportunity Kinesthetic Equal Opportunity Benefit our Majors Learn strengths and Weaknesses Learn to work in difficult situations Grant provided funds to help make the weekend experience FREE Janice Cramer Chase Rumley Scott Moulton David Wombell Richard Payne John Berkley Dr. Ambrose Bobby Stewart Jonathan Rowe Havaleh Havelka at Pfeiffer University Rethink Weekend April 16th - 17th Juniors at Gray Stone received the opportunity to experience all parts of a college campus
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