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The Dust Bowl

No description

Adelle warford

on 21 May 2014

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Transcript of The Dust Bowl

The land had harsh temperatures on top of the fact that it was extremely dry and windy.
The primary source below shows how the daily life of people were affected by the dust storm.
What was the effect of the Dust Bowl?
The Dust Bowl
What caused the Dust Bowl?
This Dust Bowl was a huge dust storm in the Midwest region caused by poor farming practices and a drought.
The powerful dust gusts forced people to
flee and destroyed some of Americas land.
Weather During The Dust Bowl

In our social studies class we should have learned about the dust bowl. It had affected many people and was a tragedy that will never be forgotten. In this presentation, we will explain how vital The Dust Bowl was the the history of Kansas.
Created by: Adelle, Jessie, Allie, and Lauryn.
In Conclusion...
I think we should have learned about the dust bowl in our Social Studies Class. All the primary sources show the devastation of this time in history. Living during the Dust storm was a constant battle and many lives were lost.The dust bowl was a very important time in not only Kansas history, but American history. If we were to have another dust bowl in Kansas, people should be informed on how to face it. Another dust bowl could occur anytime so if we learned about it in social studies, we would be prepared if it happens again in the future. Overall it was a major time in history and should be remembered for a long time
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