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How To: Use Tumblr

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Linnea Burke

on 17 March 2016

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Transcript of How To: Use Tumblr

Founded in 2007 by David Karp
Available in 16 different languages
Has more than 282 million blogs
Over 130 million posts exist
Employs more than 300 employees
How to get started
Tumblr's Purpose
Tumblr is used for a few different

purposes, the 2 main ones being to

promote a business or company and just

for personal fun.
1. It's addicting.

2. Deleting posts.

3. Making your blog private isn't exactly easy.
Tumblr is a form of social media that allows you to share and talk about whatever it is that you love. You can post text, photos, quotes, music, and videos with the click of a button. The re-blog tool allows you to share other people's posts,as well as add your own comments.
How To: Use Tumblr
What is Tumblr?
1. Go to the URL https://www.tumblr.com/
2. Click "Get Started"
4. Enter your email, password, and username
5. Choose some of your interests
5. Start exploring
Reblog lets you share someone else's post to your followers with one click
Whether you have 1 or 200, chat is a great way to communicate privately with other Tumblr users
The quote function allows you to share quotes in a way that makes them stand out more among other posts
Video lets you share videos from other websites like Youtube and Vine
With the audio feature you can share any songs or podcasts you want to.
You're sitting at home on a Wednesday night at around 8 pm with nothing to do. You've already watched your entire subscriptions box on YouTube, and so you think to yourself "Hey, why don't I see what's in my Tumblr feed?". Bad choice. Very bad choice.

You're scrolling through your feed and about 10 minutes later check the time, and all of a sudden, it's two in the morning. Oops.

The only fix for this problem is... well.... there isn't one. Actually it's called logging out, but that's a very difficult thing to do, so this problem is essentially terminal.
*sarcasm was used in the making of the previous slide*
We've all been there; we find ourselves regretting something we reblogged or commented on. I get it-people change-and luckily, so does Tumblr. It's as easy as finding the post, clicking the settings button,(shaped like a gear) and pressing delete. BOOM, your past thought is erased. (Although if someone REALLY wanted to, they'd be able to find it, since as we know, everything on the internet is permanent)
You really do need to watch what you post, because unfortunately for some, it'll be out there for everyone who's anyone to see. As far as privacy goes, you can enable a two-step log-in process rather than one, to make it harder for people to log in under your account. However, you're not able to make your account private-meaning that only people you approve would be able to view your blog(s).
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