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Core Skills - Development log & Portfolio

No description

Andrew Palmer

on 19 January 2015

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Transcript of Core Skills - Development log & Portfolio

Unit 4000:
Core Skills - Development log & Portfolio

Say what my smart goals are and how I will achieve them,
Say what my goals are on this course,
Say what my ambitions are in life.
Induction Week-Individual IELP
We learned about Harvard Referencing
How to re-write in your own words for our assignments,
We learned what Plagiarism and copyright was
Where to find stock free images
We had to do an Assessment of a powerpoint about Plagiarism and generate a word document of Harvard References
Week1-Referencing and Plagiarism
We worked in groups and discussed the different sources of finding information
We discussed what order our essays should be written in
We had some homework to complete, which was to fill in a question and answer sheet on Referencing
Week2-Research tips and tricks
We had to watch a video and take notes without stopping the video,
We then learnt about how to structure our essays,
We then learnt about styles in Microsoft Word and how to change them,
Then we learnt about cookies and what they do.
Week3-Notes and Essays
We worked as a group to discuss what makes a good and bad presentation.
We also learnt how to make a good presentation on Microsoft PowerPoint.
Week4-What makes a good presentation
We had to practice our presentation within our groups to prepare.
We had to present our group presentation to the class.
We then had to upload it to moodle.
Week5-Presentation day
We went through different types of ways that people waste time.
We looked at Self-Inflicted time wasters & External time wasters.
Then we had to fill out a sheet to determine what type of time wasters we are and how we can prevent this.
Week6-Time management
This week I learned how to
do different types of
references because they apply
to different types of sources.

I can improve upon this by
practicing how to write the
different types of sources in
my own time, as this will help
when it comes to the real thing.

This will help me in the future
as before I did this exercise I was
unsure on how to reference my work
properly but now I know how to do it.
So if I ever need to reference again I
will know how.
This week I learned what specific
way our essay should be written
in and how to structure the looks.

I can improve upon this by
practicing how structure a test
document so that when it comes to
the real thing, I will know how to
do it.

This exercise will help me in the
future as I will need to write a report
and reference my work, so by doing
this exercise it is getting me prepared
for future tasks where I would need to
This week I learned that when we
are note-taking, we only need to
write down the most important

I can improve upon this by watching
some relevant videos and trying to
write down only the important
information and not just everything
I hear.

This will benefit me in the future as
before I was trying to write most of the
video down as I was unsure as to what
would be the most important points, but
now I know and will benefit me when it
comes to trying to get key points for my
future reports, which will make my work
more interesting.
This week I learned how to
design a good presentation, what
makes a good/bad presentation
and how to present it well to an

I can improve upon this by
practicing my lines more so that I
am more prepared. But generally
I'm a nervous person when it
comes to presentations but I
feel I did quite good as well as
my team.

Before we did this task I didn't
have a clue on how to make a good
presentation. But now I know I found it
easy to make a good presentation that
when I present it, people don't get bored as
it worked when I had to present in front of
the class.
I feel that my team did really well
as a group as there was lot's of
engagement with the audience so
they don't become bored and also
there were lot's of interesting facts that
they didn't know.
So for this reason I felt that we did a
good job and that everyone went away
feeling that they have learned something
I was quite nervous as I'm not good
at presentations but I feel it went well,
if I was doing to again next week I
would do a bit more presentation.

This will help me in the future as I
might need to create more presentations,
so now I know how to design/make a
good presentations.
Before the presentation I was really
nervous about presentations but now
I feel more confident if I needed to do it
again, so this exercise has helped me
in that way.
Setting goals - 4
Breaking down tasks into steps - 9
Prioritizing - 6
Using Lists - 6
Persevering when things get difficult - 9
Organizing your work and meeting deadlines - 10
Revising for examinations - 7
Avoiding procrastination - 9
This week I learned that I have a lot more free time
than what I thought I had. We had to fill in a time
sheet to see how much spare time we actually
have during a weekly basis.

I have decided to spend my time more wisely so
that I can be more productive with my work.

I need to set myself daily or weekly goals for my
work. (use lists).
Prioritize my work by not getting distracted by other things.

From doing this exercise I have learned that I
should use more lists so that I know what I'm
doing and also set more goals. This will help
me in the future to become more organized.
We had to create a CV which could be used to apply for a job or university.
We had to ensure that we have all the key information needed to make us stand out to employers.
Week7-Career options and CV development

We had to fill in a form where we entered the ratings and feedback for the other students presentations.
We then got the feedback from the entire class so that we could see what we need to improve on in presentations.
We also did some research into what type of learner we are.
Week8-Learning Styles & Presentation ratings
I now know that I need to make more
eye contact and prepare more for the
But I know that I am nervous when it
comes to presentations so that's just how
I am in general.

In the future I will try to use more eye contact
with the people I am pitching to and also to
practice my presentation more. This will help
me with employ-ability skills and boost my
confidence with presenting.

I now know what type of learner I am, I am more of a Visual learner and a Kin-esthetic learner. This is because I learn best from actually doing the activity after being shown how to do it. Then next time I know how to do it.
We had to research a couple of different social media applications that we use.
We also had to show images to show what the software looks like
Week9-Social media
We just had to make sure that we was up to date with all of our work.
This included weekly activities and our project reports.
Including our EILP.
Week10-Weekly Activities Review Point/Consolidation
I now know that I am up to date with all of my work, which is good as I am not falling behind.
I now know what I need to improve on in my work to make me get a better grade.

This week has been good as it gave everyone a chance to review their work, get feedback and then improve.

This get us prepared for the Christmas break as there will be no guidance as we will be on a 2 week break.
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I feel that this will help me in the future as
it has helped me raise the chances of my
employ-ability skills, as now I feel I have a CV
that I could sent out to any employer and at
least get an interview. Which I am pleased
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