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Rider Guard

No description

Xavier Verdaguer

on 13 May 2011

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Transcript of Rider Guard

kick-off meeting
april 18, 2011 + jacket app app + + app helmet wrist brace app wrist brace helmet jacket Marketing Strategy: - Business Model
- Posicioning
- Naming product technology Team: - coordinator: Xavi
- Industrial desing: IED
- Marketing: Guillem
- QA: Beatriz
- App desing: Diego
- App development: Judit + Jacobo Inputs:
- Flexible buttons?
- Touch Screen?
- Microfon?
- no interaction? Interaction: Outputs:
- Vibration Sensors?
- Cellphone buzz?
- Helmet Speakers?
- Leds
- ¿? - Software Project (understandable for SV VCs)

- We have knowledge on GPShoes (GeoVibe Tech)

- We're the perfect partner for the best brands (BMW, NZI, Munich, etc.)

- Minimum Hardware Development Effort (we just design the product)

- We can standardize a service on the brand "Rider Guard" and it's easy to sale this service in "white brand"

- Huge Business Opportunity Advantages of develop & commercialize
a Rider Guard App:
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