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Zita Zsemberovszky

on 17 October 2016

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Transcript of 1956

Rákosi regime 1948-53
Rebuilding the country after WW2 and loss
We are in the Eastern block.
Iron curtain
Soviet influence
Confiscation and redistribution
Dictatorship, personal cult of Stalin and Rákosi
Secret police (ÁVH) - being observed by anyone anywhere
Before the revolution
1953: Stalin dies
First Nagy Imre-government: improvements and reforms starting
22nd October 1956: demonstrations in solidarity with Polish workers
October 1956
Soviet troops entering
Uprising, fights in Budapest
Government and Revolution fighters together against the Soviets (Corvin köz, Széna tér etc.)
Nagy Imre goverment signs truce with revolutionary troops
Revenge on ÁVH officers (Köztársaság tér)
Aims of the new Nagy Imre government
Plural party system, free elections
Soviet troops out of Hungary, free independent country out of the Warsaw pact
Amnesty, old symbols rehabilited (eg. Heraldics)
November 1956
Soviet intervention - fights in Budapest and many places in Hungary between Soviet Troops and Hungarian freedom fighters
No international help
János Kádár announced as prime minister with Soviet support
Migration to the West (200 000 people)
Brutal reprisals (400 people executed, 21.000 sent to prison)
Imre Nagy was executed, along with Pál Maléter and Miklós Gimes
Revolution and War of Independence, Hungary
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