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Westward Expansion Project: John Deere

No description

Myah Mason

on 3 February 2015

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Transcript of Westward Expansion Project: John Deere

Westward Expansion Project: John Deere
In the beginning
John Deere was born on February 7,1804.In 1836 Deere was already an established blacksmith,he opened a 1,378 feet shop in Grand Detour in 1837 which allowed him to serve as a general repairman in the village,as a manufacturer of tools.
How did John's invention change the United States during the 1800's?
John Deere's invention made his name big in politics. Economic wise the western farmers were able to cultivate their crops more efficiently. In the geographic world the steel plow greatly assisted farmers of the Great Plains. It helped cut tough prairie grounds, it also cut through sticky soil without clogging.
John's Lifetime...
John's Achievements
John's achievements were,
developing the first commercially succssful,self-scouring steel plow.
Built 10 plows in 1839,17 in 1841, and 100 in 1840.
"John Deere plow"
1804-John Deere was born February 7th in Rutland,Vermont.
1821-At the age of 17, Deere left home to begin a 4 year apprentice ship in a balcksmith shop.
1837-Deere fashioned a polished steel plow in his Grand Detour,Illinois blacksmith shop.
1838-Established partnership with Leonard Andrus and produced and sold his first steel plow.
1846-Increased production to 1,000 plows annually.
1847-Moved to Moline,Illinois and established a new company.
1858-Made his son Charles Deere a partner in the company.
1868-Incorperated John Deere and company became president of the company.
1886-Deere died May 17th, at the age of 82. Even after John Deere died, the Deere company continued to be well known for its production of farm machinery and its generosity.
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