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Incident in a Rose Garden

No description

Amy E. Counts

on 5 October 2012

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Transcript of Incident in a Rose Garden

Incident in a Rose Garden Gardener
Sir, I encountered Death
Just now among our roses
Thin as a scythe he stood there.

I knew him by his pictures
He had on his black coat
Black gloves, and broad black hat.

I think he would have spoken,
Seeing his mouth stood open.
Big it was, with white teeth.

As soon as he beckoned, I ran.
I ran untill I found you.
Sir, I'm quitting my job.

I want to see my sons
Once more before I die.
I want to see California.

Sir, you must be that stranger
Who threatened my gardener.
This is my property, sir.

I welcome only friends here.

Sir, I knew your father.
And we were friends at the end.

As for your gardener,
I did not threaten him.
Old men mistake my gestures.

I only ment to ask him
To show me to his master.
I take it you are he? What kind of figurative language does the author use?
For what purpose would the author utilize this type of figurative language? Meet Joe Black 1998 created by Amy Counts
for educational use only by Donald Justice What is the signficance of a rose garden? What does a rose symbolize? What other examples can you think of where roses are used? Are there any similarities between this poem and your example? Where else have you seen death personified? Create a visual depiction of death. This could be symbolic or figurative. Use coloring pencils and crayons provided.
Be prepared to discuss your images with the class Select a stanza. Highlight the figurative language / imagery. Rewrite to change the tone. Death Personified -
Where else have you seen it? What is the author's tone of this work? Provide two quotations that support your conclusions. Art Show Gallery Walk
Which one are you confused by?
Which one is the best depiction? Why? "Incident in a Rose Garden" - Form? foreshadowing stanzas poetry personification diction (word choice) "Incident in Rose Garden" - Function? Discuss/analyze how form affects function in a written paragraph.
Hint: Select 2-3 form elements and write about how they were used effectively to achieve the author's purpose. Include evidence to support your conclusions. What is the author's purpose? OR What is he trying to tell us? repitition simile, metaphor symbolism Using different colors (pencils or highlighters), select 2 or 3 of the above elements and mark them in the text.
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