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How do Scientist collect and interpret data?

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addharossie baez

on 1 October 2015

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Transcript of How do Scientist collect and interpret data?

How do we collect data?
How data is gathered and organized depends on the questions you are trying to answer.

It is important that the data is collected consistently and recorded in a useful way.
Why is it important?
The sole purpose of collecting data is to answers questions whose answers are not immediately obvious.

It is essential to maintaining the integrity of your work.

A scientist has to select the appropriate instruments to collect data and make a plan to prevent errors during the experiment.

The ability to consistently repeat a measurement.

Organize data
Data Collecting
Precision, accuracy and tools.
Safety and organize data
How do Scientist collect and interpret data?
We collect, interpret, display and analyze data to:

- Describe the social or physical phenomena around us.

- Answer particular questions.

- Identify question for further investigations.

Information from which conclusion can be drawn or a prediction can be made.
Scientist try to control their experiments to avoid having things interfere with good data collection.

They use different kind of tools to collect information dependin on the task.
Interpret data and Make Inferences
Interpret data
Make inferences
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