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Teresa Christoff

on 8 December 2014

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Transcript of INCARNATE

INCARNATE's temple =
Tower of Babel

Temple in Heart
I believe it looks somewhat like this because in the book it mentions how it was white stone everywhere. Just a lot bigger, more square and besides all the statues.
Tower of Babel
I believe it looks like this because this is what all of the old paintings/ pictures of it look like
First Similarity to The Temple and Tower
Second Similarity to
The Temple and Tower
Third Similarity to The Temple and Tower
The Purpose of The Temple in Heart
The tower of babel was supposed to bring all the people of the earth together. The tower in heart was a place that brought everyone together. Or at least was the most popular place for everyone to live. Either way though, both of them were made to bring the people together. Even though the temple was not built by the people living there.
Both the temple and the tower were built for people to live in. Even though the tower was never finished people still visited it and lived in it. The temple however almost never got destroyed, until the end of the book that is. However it rebuilt itself after a while; it is quite obvious a real one never could do that.
Neither the temple or tower exist today. Although the temple never existed it is another similarity. However the tower did, but it eroded away because of not being used and cleaned properly. But there is proof that the tower existed!
What exactly was the purpose of the temple? I believe it was a place to bring all of the people in the book together. I also believe that the temple was there to protect them from all of the harm. Maybe also to make them believe there was someone who made all of that for them, and cared enough to make it. But thouse are just my opinions
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