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Postmodernism and Modernism in "Her"

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Ali Beauregard

on 20 November 2014

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Transcript of Postmodernism and Modernism in "Her"

Breaking Down the Film
Main character Theodore purchases new operating system to be his personal assistant
The OS takes on the identity of a young woman named Samantha
After becoming close, they decide to be romantically involved and date
Samantha stops responding to Theodore
He becomes very upset until she returns to him
She explains why she left and what will come of their relationship

"Her" Movie Trailer
Key Ideas of Modernism
Emerged in the early 20th Century - result of increasingly industrialized society
Science, technology, and self-reliance are ways to progress
Objective truths exist
Rejects beliefs and superstition (religion and enlightenment thinking)
Standardization and Consumerism
Examples of Postmodernism in
Personal and/or romantic relationship with a computer operating system and it being excepted in society
Giving virtual character in video game interactive personality

Postmodernism Clips
Examples of Moderism
Ethical Considerations and Perspectives
In The Movie "Her"

Key Ideas of Postmodernism
Any text that critiques modern thought, society or is different than social norms
Relationship with devices

Modernism would prefer Operating devices like Siri.
Voice Command Systems: example in subway
Using headphones (or an ear piece)
Relationships with humans
Lack of interpersonal relationships (scene where everyone was focused on their device and not on other people)
Few relationships and connections with main character to others: (friend Amy Adams, date Olivia Wilde, Boss Chris Pratt)

Modern Photo Clips
Relationship with Devices:
Relationship with Humans:
New jobs exist where writers are hired to write personal letters to people, pretending to be the person who ordered the letter
No need for human interaction with new OS
Any text that is in modern thought, character or practice

Associated with Sophists school of thought
Created in late 19th century
Not a theory but a critique of modernism
Argues there is no absolute truth and our society is based on social constructions
Relationship between Theodore and Samantha
Virtual video game
Accepting of relationships with an OS
Relationship with friend
Using OS like Siri
People using their devices instead of human interaction
Main Ethical Questions The Film Asks
Evgeny Morozov
1) The more we are engaged in technology, the less we are with people- is this ethical?

2) Just because we have the ability to keep creating technology and advancements to change society, does this mean we should?

3) Is it healthy for our society to let these devices into our lives emotionally and socially?

4) Is it ethical for the technology we create, to influence us this way?

Modernism and Postmodernism
is a postmodern text itself which challenges modern ideas

To Save Everything, Click Here
"Solutionism": Presumes rather than investigates the problems it is trying to solve
Turn to digital technologies to solve otherwise intractable problems that trouble society
Technology solves problems, not people
Tech solves that which humans cannot
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